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Last Bit of Sanity by Caitlyn

So, this past weekend I got to experience so many new things! I decided to travel down to Cincinnati to see my first major league baseball game (Reds vs. Pirates) and then hit up the Newport Aquarium.  Overall, it was a super wonderful weekend and my last bit of sanity before the close of the semester and my first year of college.

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Friends, Fire Drills and All of the Good Stuff by Carla

I have three weeks left of school after today.  These last weeks will be busy, but they will also be my last opportunities to enjoy time with my friends.  They will also be my last chances to enjoy the amenities of residence life.  A few weeks ago, I signed a lease for what will be my first apartment.  I’ll move out of Harshman in May and move into my apartment in June.  I’m excited and sad at the same time.  It occurred to me recently that I have made some great friends during my first year, particularly in my residence hall—crazy, unique, thoughtful friends from all walks of life.  I will miss them living down the hall, or one floor down, or two floors up, from them.  As much as we all complain about residence halls (and I complain as much as anyone), living in Harshman has helped me create great friendships, and I can’t imagine my first year of school without them.
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Spring Break by Rebecca

YAY! Spring break is almost here! I can’t wait to go home. I really love it here at BG, but I’m really excited to see my family, boyfriend, and friends from home again. I can’t believe March is already almost here! I’m super excited for March. First of all, it’ll start getting warmer, and I’m definitely ready for that! Also, it’s my birthday month! This year, I think that my birthday really will last all month. My birthday is on March 29, but that’s a Tuesday and I won’t be home. My mom said we are going to do my birthday dinner on Saturday when I’m home for spring break, so it will make it seem like my birthday lasts all month.

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Ohio Weather and Preview Day by Rebecca

I have to say, last week was a complete tease. It got up to around 57 degrees, I think, and I was just getting used to the weather until it started snowing really hard today! It came out of nowhere too. At 8 a.m., there was no snow at all and by noon, it was coming down really hard. Today was Preview Day too, so I’m sure all of the future BGers out there got a nice taste of BG winter.

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The Final Weeks by Caitlyn

So, we know that I love BG and I love college. But honestly, going to college has been the most stress I have ever had to endure, especially now as I approach the end of my first year. It is that point in April when professors assign all of the stuff that they forgot to assign or ran out of time to get to you, and so you spend two weeks working your butt off to get your work done adequately and then you have a week and half (ish) to study for finals. It feels like I do not have a break! This week for example, I have four exams, two meetings and a parents’ dinner for my sorority. Then, I have my final projects to finish and my finals to study for. Not to mention making sure I get to my job as often as possible. Then there is worrying about packing up my dorm and getting my stuff to my storage unit ….wow.

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Dippin Dots by Caitlyn

So the joys of being a science major include too many lab write ups, long Sundays spent finishing lab write ups, lack of sleep and may involve semesters with three labs at a time. Cool. So while this can be very stressful and rather annoying, one has to find a way to counteract the negative effects of such activities!

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