The Final Weeks by Caitlyn

So, we know that I love BG and I love college. But honestly, going to college has been the most stress I have ever had to endure, especially now as I approach the end of my first year. It is that point in April when professors assign all of the stuff that they forgot to assign or ran out of time to get to you, and so you spend two weeks working your butt off to get your work done adequately and then you have a week and half (ish) to study for finals. It feels like I do not have a break! This week for example, I have four exams, two meetings and a parents’ dinner for my sorority. Then, I have my final projects to finish and my finals to study for. Not to mention making sure I get to my job as often as possible. Then there is worrying about packing up my dorm and getting my stuff to my storage unit ….wow.

It is hard to believe that it is all ending. In reality, I have really surprised myself. It is amazing what drive and motivation can do for you through college. Seventy-five percent of the reason I kept trudging along through classes I hated and everything else was because I know I want to be a dentist and help people. I guess the only thing to do now is to keep working hard and hope that it all pays off. College has taught me to be strong, independent and accept challenges.  When I say “accept challenges” I mean that I have had to work harder here than high school and I never had to struggle before.  I have had to accept getting grades lower than what I think I deserve but I have kept on going.

I will be taking summer classes because I can and it will leave room for me to re-take anything in the future, if necessary. I will have to keep working through BGSU and then through dental school. But in the end, one can only believe that it will be worth it.  But for now, get ‘er done! I should mention that it is harder to “get ‘er done” with the invention of Facebook….darn you, Facebook and your distractions! I guess this means goodbye Facebook, hello time management and lack of social-ness. I am almost done!

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