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Harshman and Kohl both have location perks

I am in my final semester and I feel that it is safe to say I have grown to know and love the campus. I know that housing sign-up is under way and some of you might be a little uncertain as to where to live. I would like to offer my opinion on the most important factors to consider.

1.) Location- What is near the residence hall you are considering? If you are someone who finds it difficult to be on time, you might want to be close to a majority of your classes. If you are someone who enjoys … Continue Reading

Procrastination runs in our genes

It’s that time of the year….

            It’s the most, most stressful time…. of the year! (Must be sung to the tune of a Christmas carol.) Midterms are quickly approaching with lots of mini-assignment mixed in as well. What to do!? Seeing how this is my senior year you would think I’d have all the answers, but I don’t. I do have a few tips that help me get through this stressful time with only a few gray hairs.



  • Study in advance
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Find the best studying technique for YOU



Visiting the Counseling Center by Brianna

So we’re in the fourth week of school and I’m beginning to feel stressed. I realize that I have been saying that I was going to go to the Counseling Center for months now, but I haven’t. As I am lying in bed I decided to check my e-mail (which I receive straight to my phone). One of the many e-mails is from campus notes. As I skim through the many events I notice one discussing the Counseling Center.

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Going Greek by Brianna

Being an African-American in a predominantly white institution, I felt I needed to find some way to fit in with “my people.”  I decided joining a sorority would be the best way to do so.

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