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If you aren’t in love with your major, you aren’t the first.

college majorsIf you’re like me, 18 is way too young to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life. Deciding on my major seemed to loom over me my entire senior year. After graduating high school, you are magically expected to have the rest of your life perfectly planned out. Talk about stress!

Well, I tried that … and it didn’t work. I had … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known: Don’t try to relive your h.s. schedule

Looking back to my freshmen year so many memories come rushing back. Both the good and the bad experiences have a fond place in my mind.

However, the list of what I wish I would have known is rather lengthy. Above all, one thing stands out in my mind that impacted everything else: unconventional schedules.

Coming fresh from high school I was in a groove. Same class, same time, every single day, same place, same people, practice before and after school, etc. made life a blur of the same old same old.

Then I went to college. Talk about a culture shock. If … Continue Reading

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