Sporting Events at BGSU: What’s the big deal

Athletics-Doyt-Perry_62t1583The college experience is unlike any other in life. It’s the first (and more than likely last) time you’re on your own with a brand new, shiny and clean slate. Whether it’s the amount of lifelong relationships you’ll make or the memories that will be created doing various activities, these next few years are unlike any others to come.

Of course, a large amount of the memories for many are the sporting events your college participates in. Whether it’s football, basketball, gymnastics or swimming the environment is incredibly distinctive, differing from high school and even professional sports as a whole.

It’s the first time you’re actually PART of the team.

Now, in high school the student section is important – and that’s not to take away from the support it gives the team – but cheering for your college team is peculiar. You specifically chose that school, the team you cheer for and it essentially becomes a part of you. You are a Bowling Green Falcon.

The student section is wild with students constantly chanting, jumping and rooting for their team and you become part of the family once you attend your first game too. Your peers are on the field performing at a high-level, looking forward to hearing you in the stands as motivation to succeed. Whether it’s a homerun, spike or touchdown the first instinct for the student athlete will be to look up at you, and the first people they reference after big wins is the fans for fueling them on the field or court.

It’s not only the game that’s fun,fans although. For football games here at Bowling Green State University, there tends to consistently be a large crowd before the game to tailgate in surrounding parking lots. Hundreds of people cooking out, blasting some music and enjoying themselves hours prior to the actual game itself.

All sports tend to draw a good crowd at BGSU as the team’s have seen great success in recent years, but you’ll soon realize that this is hockey town in Bowling Green. A jam packed Ice Arena is a given on weekends that the Bowling Green Falcons hockey team hosts games and the vibe is unlike any other event on campus. The team is always on the hunt for a tournament and established themselves as a quality program over the course of the last few decades, so attending a hockey game is a must here at BGSU.

All sporting events are free for students, just claim your tickets online using these instructions: So join the fun and attend BGSU’s variety of sporting events throughout the duration of the school year and cheer for your peers as well as your Falcons! – Matt

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