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‘I think my biggest challenge in college has been overcoming myself’

Go figure, my theory prevails again another year … science majors do not get to experience “dead week.”  This past week I had five, count them, five exams in one form or another. They weren’t finals.  Now I have finals. And needless to say, I have been a complete mess.

I had my semester mental breakdown on Friday.  I called my mom crying because I did not think I was going to meet the exceptionally high standards that I set for myself again.  After some tears, tension, anger and everything else that accompanies that much stress, I got … Continue Reading

Dig deep and find the motivation to study for finals

It’s that time of the year again: end of the semester.  We have one day left of classes, then one week of finals.  I’m super excited about the end of the school year, but have to remain focused and motivated.  This is the hardest part about the last two-three weeks of school.

The weather begins to change and the sun comes out.  Your motivation to stay inside and do homework becomes increasingly thin.  The sleep deprivation from the semester has finally caught up.  The amount of homework and last-minute projects begin to pile up.  This is when you know it is … Continue Reading

3 things I wish I had known before coming to college

You’ve heard of “tunnel vision,” right?  I think I am prone to tunnel vision when I’ve been driving too long.  I’ll pass a highway patrol officer while going just a little bit too fast or nearly miss my exit, and it will suddenly occur to me that I have been staring at the weird vanity plate on the car in front of me for 30 minutes and missing everything else in my surroundings.  Here is a term you haven’t heard of: “senior vision.”

As a student in high school, I had a … Continue Reading

You’ve almost made it! The end of the semester is near. Hang on!

Uh.  WOW.  These last two weeks are totally killer.  Last week, I got assigned four, count them, four major projects. (>200 points).  So, needless to say, I have been working like crazy.  Actually, I just ordered my organic chemistry study guide for my final, too.  Isn’t my life totally thrilling?

Mostly, I wanted to talk about how I have noticed my work ethics change … or not change. Now, I have always had an abnormally high work ethic.  But I notice that I am holding myself more accountable now that we are in the end of the semester and I think … Continue Reading

What I wish I had done … joined a fraternity

I cannot believe it is already April! There are only two more weeks of classes, and one week of finals until summer vacation officially begins!

Just a few months ago I was traveling the country visiting national parks.  Now, I am about to finish my junior year?!  Time goes by before you know it.  I am sure most of you hear that college is one of the best times of your life and that you should take advantage of it.  Well, I am.

Since I started college I have had a few regrets.  I wish I would have joined a social Greek … Continue Reading

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