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BGUndead by Daniel

I decided to get involved in my first extracurricular organization and join the group BGUndead. Now BGUndead is basically a giant game of tag where there are two teams, the zombies who do the tagging, and the humans who try not to be tagged. The humans use Nerf guns and balled-up socks to defend themselves from the zombies who try to turn the humans into zombies by placing one hand on each of the human’s shoulders.

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Adjusting to a New Town by Daniel

My life has been changing so much in my semester at BGSU, and one of the biggest changes I’ve had to adjust to is the new town.

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Major Choice by Daniel

It wasn’t long ago that I was questioning my choice in major. Then something happened that made me realize I had chosen the perfect major for myself.

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Independence by Daniel

The first time I realized I had become independent was at the very end of move-in day.

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