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Conklin’s convenient location makes the small rooms worth it

amberConklin was a very interesting dorm to live in.

It had many ups and downs, but overall I had a very good year.

It was a pretty small dorm, but it had a great location on campus.

It was air-conditioned; there was a good sense of community; and I had a blast while living there.

Living in Conklin worked out perfectly for me in terms of its location on campus.

It was about a 7-minute walk to the Union where I typically ate and spent time with friends, a 5-minute walk to the Education Building where … Continue Reading

Budget your meal plan wisely

Meal plans are great! You definitely appreciate them after you’ve moved off campus and have to use your own money to buy food.

My freshman year, I had the silver custom plan.

This meant that I had a certain amount of swipes each week to get into the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls and a certain amount of Falcon Dollars.

I was extremely cautious with my spending that first semester, and had a lot of money left over at the end of the fall.

I started going to Starbucks more often and spending Falcon Dollars on snacks at Outtakes.

When … Continue Reading

It’s OK to not have a major right away

Starting in my sophomore year of high school, my family and friends began pressuring me about what I wanted to study in college.

I had a wide range of interests and I was completely clueless. The pressure freaked me out, and I avoided thinking about college completely.

The summer before my senior year, I considered photography, pharmacy, event planning, pediatrics and so many other things.

None of those ideas really stood out to me as what I would want to do for the rest of my life. … Continue Reading

My top three mistakes my freshman year

I made many mistakes my freshman year! The top three are:

1. Ordering books
2. Managing my meal plan
3. Overextending myself.

The first year of college is definitely a learning experience and everyone is different.

I am the oldest in my family so I had no siblings to help me figure out what to do or not do. Having to be independent and learn from my mistakes was a huge growing experience.

Ordering books was something I was definitely worried about. My freshman year, I ordered every book it looked like I would need.

Unfortunately, when … Continue Reading

Roommate issues are common and definitely healthy

My freshman year I only knew a handful of people going to BG.

I wanted to room with someone who I did not already know, but I was definitely worried about living with a random.

Instead of relying on the survey you take when signing up for housing, I took matters into my own hands.

I went on Facebook, and began talking with girls who were also on the BGSU Class of 2015 page.

Facebook is a huge help in roommate situations! After many conversations with many different girls, I found one that seemed to … Continue Reading

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