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Chapman, La Comunidad provide ‘homelike community’

When I first came to BGSU, I was scared.

Though I rarely showed it, I was often homesick and uncomfortable.

I kept wondering, “Would I find friends? Would I feel at home? Would I be happy?”

The answer to those questions: a big yes, thanks to Chapman Learning Community at Kohl Hall and La Comunidad.

The people you live with are an important factor in your life. We’ve heard countless times that those who surround us define us. So that made both a relevant part of my BGSU experience.

Let’s start with my first learning community. To be honest, I was not the most involved … Continue Reading

Greek life brought out best in student once suspicious about fraternities

Out of 325 organizations, one changed my life …

As I sit back and reflect on my past three years as a BGSU Falcon, one memory sure sticks out that has changed my life forever.

Being that over involved individual in high school, as many of you are coming into BG this year, I entered BG eager to do just that; to make my mark and get involved.

Now as a senior, I have a list of different organizations that have impacted my life in some way, but one tops my list, one that … Continue Reading

Roommates should come up with rules about food, TV and guests

Roommate:  a person occupying the same room as YOU.

By definition the concept of having a roommate seems straightforward, you are sharing a room.

But every college student soon realizes that leaves out a lot of details.

My freshman year, which was only two years ago, I roomed with one of my best friends from high school and I can honestly say that it was a great experience.

That  doesn’t mean it came naturally, though. We came up with strategies.

Food: We came up with a plan. Whatever our parents bought for us was fair game … Continue Reading

So you want to room with a high school friend?

mandySince the beginning of high school my best friend and I had dreamed about going off to college and being roommates.

Once we both decided BGSU was the best choice for each of us we knew that it could become our reality.

When we first heard that Centennial was being built we were so excited that we planned the entire room out and who would bring what. (Keep in mind, we had not even been accepted yet.)

It was near the end of our junior year when we were accepted and began to tell … Continue Reading

Sophomore explains how she landed a Disney internship

My name is Mandy and I am completing my second year at BGSU.

I am involved in the University Activities Organization, Delta Gamma women’s Fraternity, the Outdoor Program and I am a Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning major with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Currently, I am in Orlando, Fla., on the Disney College Program having the time of my life and hope that this blog inspires you to do the same.

How I got the internship:

I first heard about the Disney College Program from seeing fliers on my campus and going to some of the informational meetings hosted by Bowling Green’s Disney College … Continue Reading

Jazz studies major glad to be living in music learning community

BGSU is known for many things. Traditions, organizations and a great atmosphere.

BUT one thing most people don’t realize is how well-known we are for our music program.

BGSU ranks up in the top 100 music colleges in the country!

Being a part of this college is more than I had ever hoped for in my musical studies. I always knew I wanted to go to this university, but I have only known about the music college for about five years.

When I first got the opportunity, I attended Honor Band, and then I spoke … Continue Reading

Opening Weekend is one of the most exciting times

One of the first impressions of college that students receive is during Opening Weekend.

This is the first weekend of the school year and is probably one of the most exciting weekends as well.

I think that the Opening Weekend experience at Bowling Green is one of the best around, and that’s why I decided to be an Opening Weekend Group Leader (OWGL) last year.

Being an OWGL allowed me to work with incoming students and to help show them how much I love Bowling Green.

I decided … Continue Reading

Learning community helps with making friends

The Educators in Context and Community (ECCO) learning community has allowed me to grow socially, emotionally and mentally.

What is a learning community? A learning community is a group of students who have a common interest and live together.

Learning communities are a great way to get involved on campus.

There are a lot of different learning communities to choose from: the Arts Village, Natural and Health Sciences, Army ROTC, Construction Management, among others.

With a little research, combined with your interests, you will find one that fits you perfectly.

Being a part of a learning community with education majors has allowed me to build my … Continue Reading

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