Being Out-of-Stater in the Buckeye State


jojoBeing an out-of-state student at BGSU is great, but can also have a few obstacles. I am from Quincy, Massachusetts (directly south of Boston) which is about a 12 hour car ride…but with stops and traffic can be about 14-15 hours. Flying from Detroit is about an hour and 40 minutes. Safe to say it’s far enough that I can’t come home whenever I feel like it. Although coming from far away has its obstacles, it has made me so much more mature and independent. Bowling Green has has provided me with great resources that resulted very easy adjustment. Everywhere you go there is someone to help and BGSU has a great community feel. Being from out-of-state and not knowing a soul in Ohio forced me to leave my comfort zone and join as many organizations as possible. I joined a sorority and found the greatest and most supportive group of girls I have ever met. I also got really involved with my major and joined a club for it. I love, love, love telling people where I am from! Most people I meet at BGSU have never used a subway or grew up going to Red Sox games, so they love hearing about my life. I also get to learn about the lives of others and different lifestyles from different parts of the country – what it is like to live in a small suburb or have a farm. As I enter my senior year at BGSU, I realize that I have come a long way from not knowing what a buckeye is or how beautiful a midwest sunset can be. At first, I thought I was the only out-of-state person. But as the weeks went on during my freshman year, I met people from all over the country. One of my best friends ended up being from Canada! Sure, I wish I could go home more but now – going home is so much more special and has really made me appreciate where I grew up. — JoJo, Senior

Here are some tips and resources that have made my out-of-state experience much easier:

Tom’s Airport Shuttle

419-308-5952 or

12985490_10154154344558478_5719704959346628776_nReview: This is a great way to get to and from the airport. I have had amazing service and so have some of my out of state friends! They are always so kind and friendly! They also ask for your flight number to check for delays or if you arrive earlier than scheduled when arriving home. When picking you up from the airport, usually the SUV will have a BGSU flag on the window so you can’t miss them! They go to Detriot and Toledo Airports! It can be a little pricey, but it does cost less if you ride with others and they can arrange it for you if you cannot find anyone to ride with. Your driver will text your cell when arriving and usually has a big SUV with legroom and little water bottles for you to drink on your journey!

Shamrock Storage


header_logoReview: This storage complex is great for storing things over the summer break! I have used this for two summers (I now have a house all year). This storage unit was great for storing things from my dorm such as my mattress pad, fridge, microwave, futon,ect! The prices are very reasonable and the location is not far at all! It is located behind the Days Inn hotel right before the highway on Wooster!

Cribs on Campus

logoReview: I love Cribs on Campus! Its an out- of- staters dream!!! Basically it saves students from having to bring mini fridges, futons, and microwaves to their dorm. It was the best feeling freshman year walking into my dorm and having my futon and mini fridge all set up and waiting for me. I didn’t have to stress about putting it together in the heat and humidity or have to worry about if my futon was campus approved! I couldn’t bring a futon or mini fridge from Boston because we came in a Mini Van with my whole family! Also the coolest part about this business? It was made from College of Business students at our very own BGSU!!! How cool is that? Falcons helping Falcons.

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