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My advice: ‘Get involved’ and ‘give back’

One of the organizations I am in is a co-ed service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega.  Basically, we meet once a week to discuss what volunteer opportunities are coming up for the next week.  Our three main principles are leadership, friendship, and service.  I got involved my sophomore year to boost my resume and meet new people.  I quickly fell in love with Alpha Phi Omega and took it to another level.

This past weekend, I went to Miami University for the Section 56/59 Conference.  All the chapters from across Ohio were at this event.  I attended a few workshops and … Continue Reading

A day in the life of a … film major

I may be biased when I say this, but being a film production student is one of the most legit majors on BGSU’s campus.

Early years include classes, such as Introduction to Film and the History of Narrative Film. These classes teach students about film theory and why film works the way it does.

In later years, classes, such as Cinematography and Digital Tech, get students more into the hands-on work with the cameras and editing.

There are also a large range of film electives that can be taken. Some of them vary from … Continue Reading

Why I loved living in Chapman @ Kohl

Your first year at Bowling Green is full of many exciting things. Among those is the most exciting of all: living with a roommate and in a residence hall for the first time! The experiences and memories you gain will carry on through college, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!

As a freshman my roommate and I decided to preference Kohl Hall as our first choice, which to this day is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my three years at BGSU. We were both ecstatic when we got our living assignments and had been placed right where we wanted … Continue Reading

Vigil for sorority girls connects campus

I had a great week of classes after spring break.  I had no exams, papers or major assignments due. So, I lucked out on that.

On March 22, I got an opportunity to go on an Admissions reception to Detroit, and I loved it! We left BGSU at about 2 p.m. and drove to the Westin in Detroit area.  Once there, we set up some tables and supplies, ate dinner and then guests starting arriving.  After an hour or so, there was a presentation and the student panel that I led.

Getting the chance to be a student representative for the university … Continue Reading

McDonald is a great place to live because of its location, first-year vibe

With two brand-new residence halls on campus, I can imagine why they are filling up so quickly and why some might worry they will be stuck in some hall on the opposite side of campus.  I’m here to rid you of that worry.

When I was a freshman at BG, I lived in McDonald and I can honestly say (yes, honestly I promise) it was by far my favorite place I’ve lived to date.  I now I live in a house off campus, which is great for the size, kitchen and my own room, but I wouldn’t take back my freshman … Continue Reading

When nothing changes but you

Here’s to growing up! Here’s to becoming someone who is entirely your own.  And here is to making changes for the better.

So, strangely enough, this year I got to go home for spring break! And let me tell you, I am glad I did, especially since I won’t be coming home this summer.

But have you ever wondered what is different about each time you come home? I mean really, every time I come home I feel like everything is the same, yet different.  I suppose a quote from the movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” might help with such … Continue Reading

Car accident puts life into perspective for BGSU student

Spring Break 2012!

It started off badly here at BGSU.  If you didn’t hear, three sorority sisters were killed in a car accident early Friday morning, and two more are still in critical condition from the accident.  They were all heading to the airport to go on spring break.

That Friday before break was emotional for the entire campus.  Even though I did not personally know the women, I felt connected and sad about the situation.  No one could focus and everyone was keeping the Alpha Xi Delta sorority in their thoughts and prayers.

Having that accident occur made me realize that I … Continue Reading

Applying for scholarships is a part-time job

These past few weeks have been so crazy that I haven’t been able to write a blog (which I enjoy doing).  Therefore, I am taking a short break from my busy schedule to write a little blog for y’all.   Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships!  That is all I feel like I have done the past few weeks.

Since I have to pay for school on my own, I make it like a part-time job.  This week I have a total of six (yes, six!) scholarships due.  Five of them are due on Thursday alone.   This is frightening because I haven’t done three of … Continue Reading

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