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Sings the blues in Week 2

The second week of fall semester is in full swing.  Whether you’re new to Bowling Green or you’re a returning student, you’re probably still trying to shake yourself out of “summer mode.”  I know I am.  It is such a shock to my system to wake up at 7 a.m. for 8:30 classes after months of sleeping indulgently (there isn’t enough coffee in the world).   

As you kick off the new week, you might find yourself a little stressed.  Maybe you forgot how to get to East Hall, or you were late to class and then forgot your BG1 card, … Continue Reading

Treat your RA with respect by Caitlyn

So, I have been back on campus for two weeks doing RA training. And let me tell you, I am beyond shocked at how much work goes into being an RA!

I adored my RA freshman year and now that I have seen the amount of effort she put into everything, I have admired her even more.  Then, I tackled the craziest thing on the planet – first-year move in day… in Centennial Hall!

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BG makes me feel at home by Rebecca

I can’t believe that it’s time for school to start again. I just had my first three classes of the semester, and I have one more to go. It’s crazy how the summer flew by. I thought summer would seem to last forever because we had from the beginning of May until now, but it actually passed really quickly.

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A New Year by Caitlyn

So, since I will be an RA on campus, I am actually leaving my hometown in 6 days.  I can barely believe it.  Where did the summer go?!  I have started packing and  have been thinking about what lies ahead and what I went through as a new student.  Last year, my first year, was a huge adventure and the best growing and maturing experience… EVER.  I had a ton of trials and tribulations including my mom having a cancer scare, but I learned how to handle being an adult, being away, and being independent. This year, I think that things may be a little different.

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