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10 Places to Study at BGSU

Need a new study spot for finals? Check out this video!

You can – and will – get through exams

It’s almost time for that dreaded “F” word – final exams. Gross. Unfortunately it’s something that we all have to go through in our college careers. Here are some basic tips for surviving and, dare I say it, passing your final exams:

1) Take advantage of any study groups and/or study guides your teacher provides. Those usually include specifics of what is going to be on the final. Ignoring them would be downright silly. Sure, you probably have things that you’d rather be doing than going to a study group or filling … Continue Reading

What is the Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons can help both students who are struggling and students who want to maintain their grades.

E-mail questions and comments to secctext@bgsu.edu.

Dig deep and find the motivation to study for finals

It’s that time of the year again: end of the semester.  We have one day left of classes, then one week of finals.  I’m super excited about the end of the school year, but have to remain focused and motivated.  This is the hardest part about the last two-three weeks of school.

The weather begins to change and the sun comes out.  Your motivation to stay inside and do homework becomes increasingly thin.  The sleep deprivation from the semester has finally caught up.  The amount of homework and last-minute projects begin to pile up.  This is when you know it is … Continue Reading

Bad idea: Putting student organizations ahead of homework

Never have I felt so busy in my life.  I say that every single semester, but for some reason this semester is different.

I have 20 credits while balancing four jobs (if you include RA as a job), in addition to student organizations.  Currently, I am putting my homework on hold to work and do organization work.  This is a bad idea.  I am normally a dedicated student who procrastinates (who doesn’t?!?!), but I have been flat-out lazy this semester.  This weekend I did ZERO homework, not even on Sunday night like most people.

Now, I am forced to hurry up and … Continue Reading

Stressed from studying? Cuddle with puppies or eat some ice cream

It’s the Sunday before finals week: a bittersweet, slightly chaotic, crisp day.   You’re probably torn between relaxing and cramming, or maybe you’re taking a break from that 10-page paper that is due tomorrow.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a little overwhelmed by the end of the semester, but you’re ecstatic that it’s almost done.   Now, if we can just get through finals with our GPAs intact…hmm.

You’ve probably heard the same study tips and suggestions a thousand times already, so I decided to get creative and offer you a few new, unusual ones.  If you’re tired of the monotony of writing … Continue Reading

Does ‘dead week’ really exist?

Well, another birthday has come and gone, which means the end of the semester is near.

I find great humor in students who are so excited about “dead week.”  Actually, I think I am slightly jealous since I have never had a dead week, which is the week professors are “supposed” to back down and let students study and ask questions.

As it turns out, I have three exams during dead week this semester.  In my experience, dead week is an opportunity for professors to teach everything they missed and then test us right before the final. I find it to be … Continue Reading

Overscheduled and unprepared? Or partied and got nothing done?

Congratulations.  You’ve survived your first month of fall semester.  It’s been an awesome month, filled with events like Campus Fest and Family Weekend.  

As the semester progresses, you might find that you have a lot of homework: chapters to read, projects to complete and maybe even a few midterms looming.  It’s crunch time!  Your to-do list might seem a little overwhelming right now, but don’t freak out.  If you budget your time well, you can stay on task and still maintain your social life, too. 

 Time management is so important in college and staying on track in your classes now will really … Continue Reading

The Final Weeks by Caitlyn

So, we know that I love BG and I love college. But honestly, going to college has been the most stress I have ever had to endure, especially now as I approach the end of my first year. It is that point in April when professors assign all of the stuff that they forgot to assign or ran out of time to get to you, and so you spend two weeks working your butt off to get your work done adequately and then you have a week and half (ish) to study for finals. It feels like I do not have a break! This week for example, I have four exams, two meetings and a parents’ dinner for my sorority. Then, I have my final projects to finish and my finals to study for. Not to mention making sure I get to my job as often as possible. Then there is worrying about packing up my dorm and getting my stuff to my storage unit ….wow.

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Let the Countdown Begin by Carla

Since I have been back from break, I have been pretty lazy. I have summer on the brain. I’ve started a countdown with post-its. I started planning out my summer during my math class the other day: join the gym, make money babysitting, catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. There’s now a gap in my notes where information on regression should be. Summer’s close but it’s not that close, so I’m going to make a good effort to hang in there six more weeks. I was certainly grateful for a relaxing spring break.  My break took me to Chicago, then back to Bowling Green, then home and through it all, it rained and snowed and generally acted like winter.  All the same, though, it was awfully great.

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