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If you’re an LGBT student worried about being accepted, stop worrying NOW

When I sat down to write this post, I struggled to find an exciting story or inspiring anecdote that exemplified three years as a gay student at BGSU.

I was scanning my brain for something remarkable.

Where were the dramatic stories of explaining my sexuality to my roommate? What about inspiring chats at the LGBT Resource Center? Didn’t I find refuge by writing for OUTspoken Magazine?

None of those things happened to me. In terms of being gay, my life was boring. Typical. Unremarkable.

My BGSU life was just like anyone else’s BGSU life: freshman-year homesickness, roommate ups and downs, sleeping through my … Continue Reading

I am worried about living with a random roommate. Help!

Let’s face it, no matter how excited we are about starting a new chapter in our lives, they are always going to be things that we are nervous or scared about getting into.
It’s completely normal to be nervous. It is actually a good thing because you are putting yourself into a position of not knowing what to expect.
I bet one of those things is living with a random person, probably not even from the same city, and let alone the same state.
Being forced into a room together, compromising which … Continue Reading

Falcon Heights

Check out the inside and life of Falcon Heights. For more Residence Life information, go to: http://www.bgsu.edu/residence-life.html… Questions? text FALCON to 877877

What To Bring To BGSU

Check out this guide for what students should bring when living on campus. Check out this link for more: http://www.bgsu.edu/residence-life/future-residents/packing-suggestions.html

Questions? text FALCON to 877877

How one student overcame bullying in college

Bullying. It’s something that we all hear about: kids in elementary school being bullied; kids in middle school and high schools are being bullied; kids getting made fun of, called names, getting beat up.

It’s a terrible epidemic that we see every day in schools across the country. When we think of bullies, we think of the younger kids, the kids who haven’t quite matured yet, the ones who are out to prove themselves.

The sad truth is bullying does NOT stop after high school. There are still bullies in college.

My freshman year, I was bullied by the girls on my floor. … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known: Keep your door open

As an incoming first-year student at BGSU, you are fresh out of high school and have the next four years all to yourself.  This is the perfect time to do the things you have always wanted to do.

BGSU is unique from other universities in so many ways, but one thing that I think is very special to BGSU, is each student’s ability to make a difference here.  Whether it is creating your own student organization or joining the largest or even smallest organization on campus.  This is your time, so cherish it.

The next four (or maybe five….) years will FLY by, … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known: Living in a residence hall helps you make friends

I wish I would’ve known that living in a residence hall allows you to make many more friends. I attended a community college close to home my first two years.

Don’t get me wrong, I saved so much money by doing this and had no debt, which makes me proud. I was able to live at home, continue to work full time and have a home-cooked meal every night.

The only downfall to commuting to and from school is that there isn’t an opportunity to make lifelong friends. I have made only one … Continue Reading

Why I loved living in Chapman @ Kohl

Your first year at Bowling Green is full of many exciting things. Among those is the most exciting of all: living with a roommate and in a residence hall for the first time! The experiences and memories you gain will carry on through college, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!

As a freshman my roommate and I decided to preference Kohl Hall as our first choice, which to this day is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my three years at BGSU. We were both ecstatic when we got our living assignments and had been placed right where we wanted … Continue Reading

McDonald is a great place to live because of its location, first-year vibe

With two brand-new residence halls on campus, I can imagine why they are filling up so quickly and why some might worry they will be stuck in some hall on the opposite side of campus.  I’m here to rid you of that worry.

When I was a freshman at BG, I lived in McDonald and I can honestly say (yes, honestly I promise) it was by far my favorite place I’ve lived to date.  I now I live in a house off campus, which is great for the size, kitchen and my own room, but I wouldn’t take back my freshman … Continue Reading

Offenhauer equals bigger rooms, AC and great location

Coming to college freshman year was such a scary experience full of huge decisions. I have never been good at making decisions. I’m actually very, very bad at it.

So after I chose to come to BGSU (which was actually a somewhat easy decision because I fell in love with BG on my first visit), I was terrified to have to choose which residence hall I wanted to live in. Lucky for me, Centennial and Falcon Heights weren’t even options for me my freshman year because they hadn’t even been built yet!

I have heard there’s quite a bit of hype about … Continue Reading

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