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If you’re an LGBT student worried about being accepted, stop worrying NOW

When I sat down to write this post, I struggled to find an exciting story or inspiring anecdote that exemplified three years as a gay student at BGSU.

I was scanning my brain for something remarkable.

Where were the dramatic stories of explaining my sexuality to my roommate? What about inspiring chats at the LGBT Resource Center? Didn’t I find refuge by writing for OUTspoken Magazine?

None of those things happened to me. In terms of being gay, my life was boring. Typical. Unremarkable.

My BGSU life was just like anyone else’s BGSU life: freshman-year homesickness, roommate ups and downs, sleeping through my … Continue Reading

Best decision I made freshman year: Going Greek

Freshman year is all about trying new things, being independent and learning more about yourself as a person.

I knew going into my freshman year that I wanted to get involved and meet new people, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to begin because it all seemed a little overwhelming at first.

During one of the first weekends of the semester, Open Recruitment for Greek Life was taking place. With some encouragement from the girls who lived on the same floor as me, I decided why not give it a … Continue Reading

I am worried about living with a random roommate. Help!

Let’s face it, no matter how excited we are about starting a new chapter in our lives, they are always going to be things that we are nervous or scared about getting into.
It’s completely normal to be nervous. It is actually a good thing because you are putting yourself into a position of not knowing what to expect.
I bet one of those things is living with a random person, probably not even from the same city, and let alone the same state.
Being forced into a room together, compromising which … Continue Reading

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