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Offenhauer offers bigger rooms, activities

trentI lived in the Offenhauer Towers my freshman and sophomore years.

These dorms are usually for sophomores and juniors, but they have a few floors that are saved for freshman.

During my freshman year, I lived on a floor where the majority of the students were freshman, but we did have a couple upperclassman.

Our floor was very outgoing and energetic, so there was never a dull moment.

We were able to open our doors and prop them so that people could just stop by whenever they wanted. It was a … Continue Reading

Commuter makes connections through on-campus job

I’m from Perrysburg, Ohio, which is about 20 minutes from Bowling Green State University. charlie 2

The No. 1 reason I decided to commute was because of the cost.

I decided it would be much easier to continue living at home and still get a college experience.

In the first few weeks of school, I was able to adjust well and get into a routine.

I found all of the commuter lots and figured out how much time I would need to get to each class.

After I had established a routine, … Continue Reading

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