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Social work major says job opportunities are endless

photoA day in the life of a social work major is always very interesting.

The classes are very engaging and very broad.  Everyone is required to take classes from biology to psychology to American Government.

The first and second years have more to do with intro classes and different perspectives.  After getting some of those classes out of the way, it’s time to apply for the social work program.

Some of the core classes that are required for the social work program can be taken before being accepted into the program.

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Don’t be nervous about sharing a bathroom

emily metzgerI enjoyed living in Harshman my freshmen year because many of the people who lived there were incoming first-year students like me.

It was fun to share the experience with people who were in the same situation as I was.

I did not have a very good experience with my random roommate, so it was super nice to have other people there to help me get situated and comfortable.

I also liked that everyone always left their doors open, which made it a very friendly and fun environment.

Having to share a bathroom with … Continue Reading

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