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Don’t be afraid to talk to your RA if you have roommate issues

I didn’t really care about having a roommate one way or another when I came to college.

I had shared a bedroom with my little sister since before I could remember, and I figured that it couldn’t be much different than that!

I was so wrong.

During my freshmen year, I had two roommates.

My first roommate was OK, but I decided I wanted to be with somebody who I liked more!

I met a girl in my studio from the College of Musical Arts, and we got along pretty well in … Continue Reading

Marching band helped me make friends

I knew when I was accepted at BGSU that I wanted to be a part of the Falcon Marching Band.

This ended up being the best decision I made about my college career so far.

When freshmen come to campus, it’s a lot to think about and get ready for – a whole new chapter of your life is starting!

On top of that, you will know next to nobody and be expected to make a whole new group of friends, something that came effortlessly through 13 years of … Continue Reading

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