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Finishing Strong by Carla

The residents on my floor are not noisy, in any rude sense. They are, however, a sleepless and talkative bunch. The hallways aren’t quiet. I breathed a sigh of relief this weekend when “24/7” quiet hours began. It may be that everyone is busy studying or it may just be that they’re intimidated by the signs splattered everywhere, warning us to obey quiet hours. Either way, I appreciate the silence. As the Fall semester wraps up with final exams and final projects, I have one goal in mind. I want to finish strongly. I want to ace my finals and head home to my family. Here in my dorm room—now clean, quiet and perfectly conducive to studying—I think I might stand a chance. 

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Thankful Thanksgiving by Demetrius

Geeze I wouldn’t be able to tell you how thankful I was for Thanksgiving this year. It was exactly what I needed. I was just overly stressed, sleep deprived and I am pretty sure I started speaking in tongues because I was hallucinating – I did not think any one person’s life could be so busy.

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Meal Plan Diminished by Demetrius

$1,475.00 – that was where I started with funds for my meal plan at the beginning of the semester on August 20, 2010. As of October 27, 2010 I had a balance of 2.62 dollars. Hmmm…problem…YES!

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