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Lack of control can be frustrating

Isn’t it funny how when life gets chaotic, it seems to get chaotic at the same time?!  I mean, sure, this blog will rant about some happenings in my life, but it will offer some perspective as well.

I found out recently that a friend of mine from JROTC passed away.  He was 21.  It is absolutely heart-wrenching that someone so young could be taken from this world.  It is even more heart-wrenching to know that three of my high school friends have passed away since I started college.   ALL three of their deaths could have been prevented.

So what are my … Continue Reading

I’m Looking at Colleges. How Do I Learn About BGSU?

Curious about what BGSU has to offer? Preview days are your best bets to learn more.

Questions? E-mail us at secctext@bgsu.edu.

What Can I Get Involved With?

How does a student get involved at BGSU? One great organization is yourFellowFalcon. Send an e-mail to yourFellowFalcon@bgsu.edu.

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