Ohio Weather and Preview Day by Rebecca

I have to say, last week was a complete tease. It got up to around 57 degrees, I think, and I was just getting used to the weather until it started snowing really hard today! It came out of nowhere too. At 8 a.m., there was no snow at all and by noon, it was coming down really hard. Today was Preview Day too, so I’m sure all of the future BGers out there got a nice taste of BG winter.

Speaking of Preview Day, I helped out with that for my learning community today. My learning community is called Partners in Context and Community, or PCC. PCC is a living and learning community that is housed mainly in Kohl Hall. It is for pre-service teachers who are interested in working in an urban area. I love PCC! Part of PCC is having 50 hours of field placement every semester, which is a lot more than people who aren’t in PCC get. Preview Day was all about getting new members involved. I was only scheduled to work from 8-10 a.m., but I ended up helping all day because I was having a ton of fun. For those of you who don’t know, Preview Days are a day where future students can come to BGSU and visit. There are tours and things like that going on but the most helpful aspect of Preview Day for future students is the different booths that they can visit. Many organizations have booths set up in the ballroom in the Student Union or in different buildings around campus.  I helped in the ballroom, in Kohl Hall (a residence hall here on campus), and in the Education Building. My main job was to help answer questions about Partners in Context and Community. It was an overall fun day, and hopefully those juniors and seniors who came got a lot out of it, and hopefully we convinced some people to sign up!

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