Last Bit of Sanity by Caitlyn

So, this past weekend I got to experience so many new things! I decided to travel down to Cincinnati to see my first major league baseball game (Reds vs. Pirates) and then hit up the Newport Aquarium.  Overall, it was a super wonderful weekend and my last bit of sanity before the close of the semester and my first year of college.

Friday after my RA class, I met up with two of my friends and we grabbed a quick dinner and then hit the road around 7:30 or 8 p.m.  It was cloudy when we left and started to rain.  The drive itself was not too eventful but we made to where we were staying in Fairfield, Ohio by 10:30 p.m.  The next morning, me and my friends woke up and headed to the Newport Aquarium and met with other Kappa Phi sisters from different universities in Ohio (Kappa Phi is the Christian community service sorority I am a part of).  After petting some crabs and some sharks and even gawking at an alligator, we went and hunted up some snacks.  Then, all of the Kappa Phi girls from around Ohio met up and we walked over the Reds stadium. The game was actually really great even though the weather was not the best.  The Reds won, 11 to 2, and even hit a grand slam! After the game, there was a Jeremy Camp concert which was amazing, and me and my friends ended up on the Jumbo tron like … five times.  It was completely awesome.  The day concluded with a fabulous but late dinner at Olive Garden. Our waitress was also a college student so we hit it off and started chatting.

Since Sunday was palm Sunday, we all went to church together and had a classy lunch – Totino’s pizza rolls and lemonade! Then it was back on the road back to BG since we all still had homework and other obligations to take care of.  In the end, this weekend was a great experience and my last opportunity to be sane before I fly home on May 6.  This year has been everything but relaxing, but this weekend was a great reminder of how important it is to take time for myself now and then.

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