Dippin Dots by Caitlyn

So the joys of being a science major include too many lab write ups, long Sundays spent finishing lab write ups, lack of sleep and may involve semesters with three labs at a time. Cool. So while this can be very stressful and rather annoying, one has to find a way to counteract the negative effects of such activities!

I guess you can say I have unintentionally created a tradition.  One of my friends in chemistry comes to the Honors Loft and we write our lab reports every week, but that is not the tradition.  First, we invite others in our class to use the time wisely and ask questions while writing up the lab, just in the case.  But the tradition is after we complete our lab write, pre-lab assignment and finish the online chemistry homework, we go and get Dippin Dots ice cream!!!! I seriously look forward to it and makes me actually finish my work.

Last week was pretty memorable.  This week it was me and three other friends.  Our lab report was not too complicated so it did not take too long to get our assignments done.  We decided to get Dippin Dots and come back to the Loft and watch television.  Unfortunatly, I had to leave briefly to get a spoon because the people at Outtakes forgot to give me one.  As I was away, my honors students friends tried to get the TV in the loft to work and when I came back they said they couldn’t because it was broken and I trusted them.  Well, then we saw something going on in Harshman Anderson-Bromfield so we decided to go wander and check it out.  We actually just ended up hanging out with some other friends but it was an overall decent Sunday.

I went back to the Loft later and saw people watching TV….so we might be honors students but we cannot work televisions….that’s okay in the large scheme of things I think.  I guess the main thing I am surprised at is how the little things make me so happy and mean as much as they do. I love me some Dippin Dots!

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