Summer Bucket List

summer bucket listIt’s your last summer before you’re officially a Falcon. So what’s it gonna look like? How will you spend it? What’s going to make it legend *wait for it* dary? Here’s my two cents:

  1. Spend as much time as you can with your parents. Sounds lame, right? Wrong. This transition is going to be just as difficult for them as it will be for you. Cut them some slack and cherish the last moments of dependence on people who think the world of you.
  1. Host a kick-butt graduation party. I know they’re stressful and sometimes awkward, but take the opportunity to gather your closest friends and family one last time before your great adventure. Even if it’s a little get-together, DO IT. You’ll be happy you did. (The presents aren’t a bad bonus!)
  1. Go dorm room shopping, and like it! I’ll be honest here, probably the first hour of college shopping is fun. After that, it all seems to go down the tubes. But take this time as a chance to let the little stuff go. Oh and maybe this could help you with Suggestion #1.
  1. Take a roadtrip with some of your closest high school friends. 12 years can fly by. Grab the friends who have been there through it all or the ones that found you before it was too late, and hit the road! Explore, see the sights, and soak up the memories.
  1. Hangout with your future roommate. I cannot stress this enough! It really helps to take away the stress of the unknowns that college seems to bring during the summer before you arrive. It’ll make move-in day SO much smoother, less awkward, and WAY more fun!
  1. Go to a sporting event for your city. Throw on your favorite gear and head to the stadium. Why? Pretty soon you’re gonna be rooting for another team. (Talons Up!)
  1. Visit the “mom-and-pop” shops around your hometown. Summer is an awesome time to explore those nooks and crannies that you never knew existed. So, discover them! Before you have the task of discovering a whole new campus!
  1. Read a book. I know, I know. I’m actually super lame. But seriously, if you like reading in the least bit, you’re never going to have this much time to just sit down and read ever again. So do it, before you’re stuck reading about Marginal Revenue or the American Revolution.
  1. Perfect that hobby you’ve been wanting to get into. Again, you’re never gonna have this time or motivation ever again (how depressing???) so just go out and do it! Take up drawing, start a blog, learn a language, take up a new sport. Whatever your heart desires.
  1. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish during your freshman year. After all, college is the perfect place to decide who you’re going to be for the rest of your life. The sooner you write them done, the quicker you’ll achieve your goals and the more likely they’ll stick with you!

Whatever you do, take lots of pictures. Capture the memories of this last summer and make it one that you’ll never forget. (Incase you do, you have those awesome pictures as a backup!) Before you know it, fall semester will be here, and you can use those pictures as decorations in your new home. You’re welcome! —Colleen

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