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Offenhauer equals bigger rooms, AC and great location

Coming to college freshman year was such a scary experience full of huge decisions. I have never been good at making decisions. I’m actually very, very bad at it.

So after I chose to come to BGSU (which was actually a somewhat easy decision because I fell in love with BG on my first visit), I was terrified to have to choose which residence hall I wanted to live in. Lucky for me, Centennial and Falcon Heights weren’t even options for me my freshman year because they hadn’t even been built yet!

I have heard there’s quite a bit of hype about … Continue Reading

Harshman and Kohl both have location perks

I am in my final semester and I feel that it is safe to say I have grown to know and love the campus. I know that housing sign-up is under way and some of you might be a little uncertain as to where to live. I would like to offer my opinion on the most important factors to consider.

1.) Location- What is near the residence hall you are considering? If you are someone who finds it difficult to be on time, you might want to be close to a majority of your classes. If you are someone who enjoys … Continue Reading

Honors Learning Community offers overnight trips, discussion dinners and a place to study

As a first-year student, it can be tricky to decide which activities to join. BGSU offers tons! For me, it was a bit of a struggle deciding which to get involved in. That being said, one that caught my attention right away was the Honors Learning Community.

The Honors Learning Community goes on various field trips, offers discussion dinners and provides students with a relaxed place to study and catch up with each other. It’s also really cool because it’s open to everyone. You don’t have to be in the Honors Program … Continue Reading

Bad idea: Putting student organizations ahead of homework

Never have I felt so busy in my life.  I say that every single semester, but for some reason this semester is different.

I have 20 credits while balancing four jobs (if you include RA as a job), in addition to student organizations.  Currently, I am putting my homework on hold to work and do organization work.  This is a bad idea.  I am normally a dedicated student who procrastinates (who doesn’t?!?!), but I have been flat-out lazy this semester.  This weekend I did ZERO homework, not even on Sunday night like most people.

Now, I am forced to hurry up and … Continue Reading

What makes us embrace the ‘single’ life all year EXCEPT Valentine’s Day?

“Oh, my gosh!  I hate Valentine’s Day because I do not have a significant other.”  One of the many common quotes you hear from single folks on Valentine’s Day.  These comments make me wonder a couple of things: 1) Why are people so cynical? 2) What makes Valentine’s Day so different from any other holiday?

Addressing my first point; I believe people get far too cynical around Valentine’s Day.  I would like to provide a reality check – you do not need a significant other to feel loved/cared for on Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday).  I think we should all … Continue Reading

Why I loved living in … Kohl and Founders

There’s such a buzz about Centennial Hall. Yes, it’s brand-new and conveniently located on campus, but it isn’t the only nice place to live on campus.

I’ve lived in two residence halls (Kohl and Founders) and I’ve loved my experience in both halls. I’ll give some information about both.

Kohl Hall:


  • Location! It’s close to almost everything, and it was especially nice for me because I am an education major and most of my classes are located in the Education Building or on old campus. Last year, none of my classes were more than … Continue Reading

Why I loved living in … McDonald (also known as Mac)

When move-in day arrived, I was extremely nervous.  Not only was I leaving my family for an extended period of time, but I was moving in with a random stranger for nine months.  To me, nothing could have been more nerve-wracking.

I was moving into Harshman Bromfield.  I had Facebooked my roommate beforehand to discuss items to bring to the room, but there wasn’t much conversation.  I decided not to bring anything, just a microwave in case we both brought TVs and/or futons, etc. 

I had zero friends at BGSU, and my older sisters told me to talk to my roommate.  I … Continue Reading

Why I love living in … Harshman Dunbar

This is my first year at BGSU, and I chose to live in Harshman Dunbar. I come from a family of six, so my parents wanted me to live in a residence hall that wasn’t too expensive.

I was a little bummed that I wasn’t going to be living in the new Centennial Hall, but within my first week of school, I was certainly glad that I chose Harshman!

When people would ask me which res hall I was staying in, I would tell them. Almost immediately they would say things like “it … Continue Reading

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