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I am worried about living with a random roommate. Help!

Let’s face it, no matter how excited we are about starting a new chapter in our lives, they are always going to be things that we are nervous or scared about getting into.
It’s completely normal to be nervous. It is actually a good thing because you are putting yourself into a position of not knowing what to expect.
I bet one of those things is living with a random person, probably not even from the same city, and let alone the same state.
Being forced into a room together, compromising which … Continue Reading

Roommate issues are common and definitely healthy

My freshman year I only knew a handful of people going to BG.

I wanted to room with someone who I did not already know, but I was definitely worried about living with a random.

Instead of relying on the survey you take when signing up for housing, I took matters into my own hands.

I went on Facebook, and began talking with girls who were also on the BGSU Class of 2015 page.

Facebook is a huge help in roommate situations! After many conversations with many different girls, I found one that seemed to … Continue Reading

It is normal to be shy and timid when you first start college

When you come to college, it is normal to have no friends. I mean, no one knows each other yet and people are either too shy or too scared to put themselves out there and try to meet others.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what you have to do in order to get friends. You have to be friendly. You have to be willing to start conversations with complete strangers or sit next to someone new in your classes. You have to leave your dorm door open and smile and greet people as they walk past. Basically, if you want friends, you … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known: Keep your door open

As an incoming first-year student at BGSU, you are fresh out of high school and have the next four years all to yourself.  This is the perfect time to do the things you have always wanted to do.

BGSU is unique from other universities in so many ways, but one thing that I think is very special to BGSU, is each student’s ability to make a difference here.  Whether it is creating your own student organization or joining the largest or even smallest organization on campus.  This is your time, so cherish it.

The next four (or maybe five….) years will FLY by, … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known my first year: Be open-minded about roommates

There are a number of things I wish I would have known before coming to BGSU as a sophomore transfer student.

Most simply, bring an umbrella. One of my earliest memories was showing up to my second day of classes drenched and sitting in a pool of rung-out rainwater. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience and I definitely wished someone would have reminded me to bring an umbrella!

On a serious note, I would encourage students to be open-minded and flexible with your new roommates. I came to BGSU without knowing anyone besides one of my good friends from high school. Although … Continue Reading

Why I loved living in Chapman @ Kohl

Your first year at Bowling Green is full of many exciting things. Among those is the most exciting of all: living with a roommate and in a residence hall for the first time! The experiences and memories you gain will carry on through college, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!

As a freshman my roommate and I decided to preference Kohl Hall as our first choice, which to this day is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my three years at BGSU. We were both ecstatic when we got our living assignments and had been placed right where we wanted … Continue Reading

RA gets stood up by residents

I finished my second week of classes and I am enjoying every single one of them.   Professors are nice, students are friendly and classwork is not too overwhelming.  But following the final few days of my week, I was on duty as an RA for the first time.

I was extremely nervous, but had other RAs to support me.  As an RA, you are on “duty” at least once a week.  You are required to sit at the front desk and do “walks” around the building to enforce rules, such as quiet hours.  Depending on the building, depends on your “walk … Continue Reading

‘Thank you BG for being a home away from home’

So, this Thanksgiving was much better than last year’s Thanksgiving, and I would like to share it with you!

As many of you know, I do not go home for Thanksgiving; it is too far and too expensive.  So, I opted to be one of the RAs on duty during Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I barely saw anyone.

My days started with duty walks with my duty partner. Then I took a nap. Then it was lots of homework, movies and then duty walks again. Overall though, I ended up being productive (but it was strange that there was STILL stuff … Continue Reading

Treat your RA with respect by Caitlyn

So, I have been back on campus for two weeks doing RA training. And let me tell you, I am beyond shocked at how much work goes into being an RA!

I adored my RA freshman year and now that I have seen the amount of effort she put into everything, I have admired her even more.  Then, I tackled the craziest thing on the planet – first-year move in day… in Centennial Hall!

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Friends, Fire Drills and All of the Good Stuff by Carla

I have three weeks left of school after today.  These last weeks will be busy, but they will also be my last opportunities to enjoy time with my friends.  They will also be my last chances to enjoy the amenities of residence life.  A few weeks ago, I signed a lease for what will be my first apartment.  I’ll move out of Harshman in May and move into my apartment in June.  I’m excited and sad at the same time.  It occurred to me recently that I have made some great friends during my first year, particularly in my residence hall—crazy, unique, thoughtful friends from all walks of life.  I will miss them living down the hall, or one floor down, or two floors up, from them.  As much as we all complain about residence halls (and I complain as much as anyone), living in Harshman has helped me create great friendships, and I can’t imagine my first year of school without them.
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