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You can – and will – get through exams

It’s almost time for that dreaded “F” word – final exams. Gross. Unfortunately it’s something that we all have to go through in our college careers. Here are some basic tips for surviving and, dare I say it, passing your final exams:

1) Take advantage of any study groups and/or study guides your teacher provides. Those usually include specifics of what is going to be on the final. Ignoring them would be downright silly. Sure, you probably have things that you’d rather be doing than going to a study group or filling … Continue Reading

How one student overcame bullying in college

Bullying. It’s something that we all hear about: kids in elementary school being bullied; kids in middle school and high schools are being bullied; kids getting made fun of, called names, getting beat up.

It’s a terrible epidemic that we see every day in schools across the country. When we think of bullies, we think of the younger kids, the kids who haven’t quite matured yet, the ones who are out to prove themselves.

The sad truth is bullying does NOT stop after high school. There are still bullies in college.

My freshman year, I was bullied by the girls on my floor. … Continue Reading

It’s Normal to Break-Up with Your High School Sweetheart

there-just-comes-a-time-when-two-people-outgrow-each-other-quote-1When you come to college, it is normal to break up with your high school sweetheart.

College is a much different place than high school. There are new people, new environments, new situations. It can be a time where people truly find out who they are and where they want to go with their lives.

It’s also a … Continue Reading

It is normal to be shy and timid when you first start college

When you come to college, it is normal to have no friends. I mean, no one knows each other yet and people are either too shy or too scared to put themselves out there and try to meet others.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what you have to do in order to get friends. You have to be friendly. You have to be willing to start conversations with complete strangers or sit next to someone new in your classes. You have to leave your dorm door open and smile and greet people as they walk past. Basically, if you want friends, you … Continue Reading

Offenhauer equals bigger rooms, AC and great location

Coming to college freshman year was such a scary experience full of huge decisions. I have never been good at making decisions. I’m actually very, very bad at it.

So after I chose to come to BGSU (which was actually a somewhat easy decision because I fell in love with BG on my first visit), I was terrified to have to choose which residence hall I wanted to live in. Lucky for me, Centennial and Falcon Heights weren’t even options for me my freshman year because they hadn’t even been built yet!

I have heard there’s quite a bit of hype about … Continue Reading

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