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You don’t need to get into Centennial to enjoy your college experience

Kyla 2KylaI lived in Centennial the first year that it opened.

Of course, like any other freshman I was ecstatic about moving into the newest residence hall on campus.

However, my freshman year living experience was not great because I lived in the new residence hall, it was great because of all the friends I made.

It was easy to make friends in Centennial because everyone would have their doors open, music was always playing and there were activities going on every week.

It also helped … Continue Reading

Conklin’s convenient location makes the small rooms worth it

amberConklin was a very interesting dorm to live in.

It had many ups and downs, but overall I had a very good year.

It was a pretty small dorm, but it had a great location on campus.

It was air-conditioned; there was a good sense of community; and I had a blast while living there.

Living in Conklin worked out perfectly for me in terms of its location on campus.

It was about a 7-minute walk to the Union where I typically ate and spent time with friends, a 5-minute walk to the Education Building where … Continue Reading

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