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If you don’t try your best in classes, it is a waste of time and money.

Now that you’ve had a week of classes, you may be feeling overwhelmed.  It is a lot to take in.  You are trying to adjust to living on your own and make a social life for yourself.

BUT now that classes have started, it is important to make classes a No.1 priority.  I’m not saying don’t have fun, BUT you are going to school for a reason, and if you don’t try your best in classes, it is frankly a waste of time and money.

While you are going to classes and professors are outlining the guidelines for the course, don’t just … Continue Reading

It is normal … to be overwhelmed the first week of college

When coming to college, it is normal that you will be incredibly excited and anxious to begin your new journey in life. It’s an opportunity to recreate yourself, meet new friends and establish a new way of life.

To be honest, when I first arrived on campus I was overwhelmed.  I was meeting tons of people, trying to get acquainted with my living arrangements and doing my best not to look like a typical “lost freshman” when navigating my way to classes.

No lie, college life is a huge adjustment. Don’t be afraid … Continue Reading

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