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Religious group “Cru” focuses on people

Cru is just one of many religious organizations at BGSU. Visit bgsucru.com to learn more.

Nearby Catholic church offers home for students

St. Thomas More and its accompanying BGSU organization Veritas are just one of many religious groups at BGSU. Learn more at http://www.sttoms.com/.

Some images provided by St. Thomas More.

h20 Church unites many BGSU Christians

h2o is a student church group at BGSU. Learn more about h20 at h2ochurch.com.

Going Greek at BGSU

There are nearly 40 Greek Life organizations at BGSU. For more about going Greek, check out, bgsu.edu/greek

Students Can Bring Campus Concerns to USG

BGSU’s Undergraduate Student Government offers professional leadership opportunities to students. Want to learn more? Check out this link: http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/sa/studentgovernment/usg/

Quidditch at BGSU

Interested in playing Quidditch at BGSU? Check out this link for the team’s blog:

BGSU Media Organizations: Radio

BGSU has two different radio programs. Here’s information about WFAL Falcon Radio and WBGU-FM. Visit falconradio.org for WFAL information. For WBGU-FM information, click here: http://wbgufm.com/want-to-be-a-dj.

BGSU Media Organizations: News

The BG News and BG24 News are the two main student news organizations at BGSU. E-mail mfilby@falcon.bgsu.edu if you’re interested in The BG News. E-mail bg24news@live.com if you’re interested in BG24 News.

Get involved in Dance Marathon

Interested in getting involved with Dance Marathon? The director of Dance Marathon is Megan Leiss. E-mail her at mleiss@falcon.bgsu.edu.

BGSU Cultural Awareness – Diwali Mela

The Diwali Mela is a yearly festival of lights celebrated in October or November. To find out more about the Diwali Mela or the Indian Student Association, check out this link: http://www.bgsu.edu/studentlife/organizations/isa/. Questions? E-mail us at secctext@bgsu.edu.

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