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Find a study spot that doesn’t distract you


We love to hate it.

As much as I despise the idea of sitting down and focusing on reviewing my class material, it’s important, if not one of the most crucial steps, in earning your degree. You need a textbook, a notepad, a pen, a clear mind and the perfect setting.

Most of us forget just how important it is to find a study space that matches the focus we need. Some people need music, while others need silence. Some need to study with groups, while some need to be alone.  It’s all up to you on where and how you study.

I … Continue Reading

Just call me the frozen yogurt connoisseur

The western United States has had frozen yogurt for a long time.  Growing up, I would occasionally check out the TCBY and try something new and exciting. 

But about two years ago, frozen yogurt started making a larger scale appearance.  Three varieties of frozen yogurt shops opened in and around my hometown.  Being able to drive and go check out these places, I discovered that I am a typical teenager – I love frozen yogurt that tastes like ice cream.  I also love the idea of putting your twist on the frozen yogurt, as in a variety of toppings.  At my … Continue Reading

Make BGSU friendlier one ‘Hello’ at a time

Going straight to college from high school was probably the best decision I’ve made in a while. I was excited to learn new things, perform, meet people who love to perform as much as I do and experience the “college life.”

However, it has not been as easy as I thought it would be.

Being a musical theater major, I’m a very outgoing person. I talk to anyone and everyone no matter what their “style” is.

When I came to BGSU, since it’s only 25-30 miles south of where I’m from, I was expecting … Continue Reading

Smoking is clouding my view

Walking around campus recently, it’s sort of hard to miss the beautiful transformation of summer to fall. The trees are orange, red and yellow; the students wear a variety of stylish pea coats and boots.

It’s refreshing to walk outside after a long Tuesday-Thursday class and breathe in the cool, autumn air filled with the smell of leaves and ….carcinogens?

Yes, carcinogens from cigarette smoke. The definition? A substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. Not exactly the first thing you want to walk into after class. I’ve run into this problem on a daily basis.

I walk outside of Olscamp and … Continue Reading

Theater girl turned sports fanatic

I was never one for sports. I came from a family that was involved in music and theater. When I went to school sporting events, I was only there because I was in the band. I never really paid attention to the games; I just talked to my friends. Sports just did not interest me.

And when I came to BGSU, my view on sports completely changed.

Some of my floor-mates had decided to go to the first home football game, and I was invited to join them. I was hesitant at first. I didn’t like football games, and I certainly did … Continue Reading

Yup, I am freaking out

I find it hard to believe that we are already halfway through another semester. Another fall break has come and gone and I have successfully started FREAKING OUT.

I am sure you are wondering why on earth I would be freaking out, and chances are I am freaking out for the same reason YOU are freaking out. 

First stress: class registration.  If you did not know, class registration for spring semester is this month! I feel as if I haven’t gotten into the swing of this semester well enough to try and think about next semester.  But I suppose the best way … Continue Reading

You want me to eat what? Sweet potato and olive quesadillas!

I walk into The Oaks after a long day of classes, a lot of studying and several rounds of walking to and from class.

With my stomach growling and BG1 card in hand, I enter the dining hall ready to nom on some delicious food.

I walk to the middle of the hall and look at what’s being offered. Vegetable pasta with white sauce? Eh, not my cup of tea, or bowl of pasta. I continue on and find the next main course is tofu jambalaya. What does that even consist of? I shake it off and veer toward the third serving … Continue Reading

Sunny days help curb slacking?

I might be in my second year, but I can honestly say studying does not seem to get any easier.  I have been thinking a lot about this and have come up with a few reasons as to why. I also have a few possible solutions.


First, college students have to constantly readjust to different professors.  Let’s be realistic, professors do not all teach in the same way and different subjects require different ways of studying.  For instance, I can use flashcards for … Continue Reading

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