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Home for the Holidays

Home for the HolidaysThe temperature is dropping, the stress is increasing, and winter break is just around the corner. Most everyone is looking forward to heading home for the holidays, and if that sounds like you, it sure makes sense. Home-cooked meals, old friends, and zero responsibility sounds like a complete blast and a half.

But what if you’re not exactly ecstatic about leaving?

For many of us, coming home means work. It means struggling to get acclimated once again to living at home. We love our … Continue Reading

What I Wish I Knew…

i wish i knewIf I could go back and tell myself anything on the first day of college it would be “be open”. It sounds like a simple phrase, but it is very important. It’s important right off the bat to be open in all senses. Be open with yourself, when finding friends, when choosing clubs to be in, etc. Don’t think just because you have never tried a certain hobby that it is too late to start. We are all thrown into college at the age of 18, made to … Continue Reading

Being Out-of-Stater in the Buckeye State


jojoBeing an out-of-state student at BGSU is great, but can also have a few obstacles. I am from Quincy, Massachusetts (directly south of Boston) which is about a 12 hour car ride…but with stops and traffic can be about 14-15 hours. Flying from Detroit is about an hour and 40 minutes. Safe to say it’s far enough that I can’t come home whenever I feel like it. Although coming from far away has its obstacles, it has made me so much more mature and independent. Bowling Green has has provided me … Continue Reading

Transitioning to college, a Junior-year perspective.

6475cddb784315ed78d190da699ea387So, I have been in college for two years now and sometimes, I find myself reflecting on the past and what I have learned from it.  Even more so, I sometimes recall what I wish I knew before I came to BGSU.

My choice to go out of state for school forced me to be prepared for many different aspects of going to college.  I was already prepared for not … Continue Reading

Being Homesick is SO Normal

blogThe hardest part of my first year at BGSU was adjusting to being away from home. I was so homesick at first. I would call my family multiple times a day and go down to visit them everychance I got. I cried every time I had to leave them, and even considered dropping out of school so I could go to school closer to home. I was convinced that I would not be able to make it through my first … Continue Reading

Homesickness doesn’t have to ruin your experience at BGSU

So, since I finally bought my own car and since I was finally able to request some time away, I decided to go visit my sister in a little town called Painesville.  The drive was pleasant and I was so excited to see her.

Basically, we spent the weekend “chilling out.”  Well, to an extent.  My sister swims for college so I supported her at her first (and only) home meet.  It was so much fun and her college rocked! The team won by an insane margin.  After the meet, we ate, … Continue Reading

It is normal … to be overwhelmed the first week of college

When coming to college, it is normal that you will be incredibly excited and anxious to begin your new journey in life. It’s an opportunity to recreate yourself, meet new friends and establish a new way of life.

To be honest, when I first arrived on campus I was overwhelmed.  I was meeting tons of people, trying to get acquainted with my living arrangements and doing my best not to look like a typical “lost freshman” when navigating my way to classes.

No lie, college life is a huge adjustment. Don’t be afraid … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known: It is OK to be homesick

I wish I would have known that most students suffer from being homesick in the beginning of their college careers.

I knew that I wanted to leave my hometown and explore new and exciting things at a college far away. I never knew that I would miss home as much as I did when I first began here at BGSU.

I can still remember my move-in day and watching my parents as they left. My mom will admit she cried when they left, but my dad won’t admit he did. I like believe he did, because I know I cried quite a … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known: ‘You’re going to be nervous and afraid’

Some people say, “Don’t be afraid! You’re going to have so much fun and be so successful!”

That’s terrible advice.  It’s terrible because it’s not realistic.  I’m going to edit it and say, “You’re going to be nervous and afraid, but you will have fun and you will be successful!”

I was super outgoing in high school and highly involved in band, so naturally I assumed everything would be easy when I got to college.  But then I showed up and suddenly lost all of my confidence.  It had nothing to do with … Continue Reading

Home is nice, but BGSU is nicer

As winter break begins to end, this is a great time to reflect upon my past two to three weeks at home.  The first few days of winter break started out with visiting my friends and family in Pittsburgh, while also moving my sister from one apartment to another.

Then, I was home for a week and did just about nothing.  I slept in until 10 a.m. every day, watched a lot of TV and ate too many Christmas cookies (before Christmas even arrived).  Christmas came and went in a blink of an eye, and more relaxation/do nothing was on my … Continue Reading

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