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What I wish I had known: Living in a residence hall helps you make friends

I wish I would’ve known that living in a residence hall allows you to make many more friends. I attended a community college close to home my first two years.

Don’t get me wrong, I saved so much money by doing this and had no debt, which makes me proud. I was able to live at home, continue to work full time and have a home-cooked meal every night.

The only downfall to commuting to and from school is that there isn’t an opportunity to make lifelong friends. I have made only one … Continue Reading

Don’t pick your meal plan without research

Coming to BG as freshman, I was completely unaware what each meal plan included. Traditional bronze, custom gold, silver retail…what!?

I had no idea what any of these terms meant, and if I researched them a little more I would have found the perfect one. I picked the meal plan that contained swipes and the least amount of Falcon Dollars.

After my first few weeks into the semester, I realized the dining halls were not my first choice when deciding what I wanted to eat. I preferred to snack and eat in the Union and the Pub as opposed to sitting down … Continue Reading

Smoking is clouding my view

Walking around campus recently, it’s sort of hard to miss the beautiful transformation of summer to fall. The trees are orange, red and yellow; the students wear a variety of stylish pea coats and boots.

It’s refreshing to walk outside after a long Tuesday-Thursday class and breathe in the cool, autumn air filled with the smell of leaves and ….carcinogens?

Yes, carcinogens from cigarette smoke. The definition? A substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. Not exactly the first thing you want to walk into after class. I’ve run into this problem on a daily basis.

I walk outside of Olscamp and … Continue Reading

You want me to eat what? Sweet potato and olive quesadillas!

I walk into The Oaks after a long day of classes, a lot of studying and several rounds of walking to and from class.

With my stomach growling and BG1 card in hand, I enter the dining hall ready to nom on some delicious food.

I walk to the middle of the hall and look at what’s being offered. Vegetable pasta with white sauce? Eh, not my cup of tea, or bowl of pasta. I continue on and find the next main course is tofu jambalaya. What does that even consist of? I shake it off and veer toward the third serving … Continue Reading

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