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‘Thank you BG for being a home away from home’

So, this Thanksgiving was much better than last year’s Thanksgiving, and I would like to share it with you!

As many of you know, I do not go home for Thanksgiving; it is too far and too expensive.  So, I opted to be one of the RAs on duty during Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I barely saw anyone.

My days started with duty walks with my duty partner. Then I took a nap. Then it was lots of homework, movies and then duty walks again. Overall though, I ended up being productive (but it was strange that there was STILL stuff … Continue Reading

You might be an RA if …

If you walk the long way to class so that you can walk with a resident and get to know him or her more, you might be an RA.

If you intend to have a relaxing night, but you actually stay up until 6 a.m. because someone needs your help, you might be an RA.

If you find yourself wondering how you do it all and sometimes stress about your life, you might be an RA.

If you strive to make someone else’s college experience superb, you might be an RA.

People often ask me why I decided to become an RA, especially now … Continue Reading

My interview with a BGSU football player

It is hard to believe that it is already mid-November. People had told me that senior year of high school flies by, but it is crazy how fast my first year of college is flying by. I have already scheduled my classes for the spring semester, and I am just about to get started on my final assignments.

For these past few weeks, I have been focusing on my final project for my performance class. We have to interview someone about something that has happened in his or her life, and then portray that person in front of the class.

I had … Continue Reading

Don’t pick your meal plan without research

Coming to BG as freshman, I was completely unaware what each meal plan included. Traditional bronze, custom gold, silver retail…what!?

I had no idea what any of these terms meant, and if I researched them a little more I would have found the perfect one. I picked the meal plan that contained swipes and the least amount of Falcon Dollars.

After my first few weeks into the semester, I realized the dining halls were not my first choice when deciding what I wanted to eat. I preferred to snack and eat in the Union and the Pub as opposed to sitting down … Continue Reading

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