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Surviving College 101

hot messTransitioning from High School to College is certainly an intimidating thought. As a matter of fact, most students are out on their own for the first time in their life. The luxury of home-cooked meals and fresh laundry on a regular basis fades away and the responsibilities of adulthood become evident quite quickly.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to incoming freshmen is to make a schedule. I’m not simply referring to your fall or winter classes, but also a schedule that will ensure … Continue Reading

Finals Week

Surviving THRIVING: Finals Week

thriving finalsSpring semester has completely flown by me, kind of like the wind here in Bowling Green. One second I was coming back from winter break and the next second I was back at home for spring break. Before you know it, my professors began giving out final projects and papers in preparation for the dreaded finals week.

Finals week. The two words that send shivers down the spine of every student across the country. Just seeing these words make my eyes well up with tears. I’m … Continue Reading

You can – and will – get through exams

It’s almost time for that dreaded “F” word – final exams. Gross. Unfortunately it’s something that we all have to go through in our college careers. Here are some basic tips for surviving and, dare I say it, passing your final exams:

1) Take advantage of any study groups and/or study guides your teacher provides. Those usually include specifics of what is going to be on the final. Ignoring them would be downright silly. Sure, you probably have things that you’d rather be doing than going to a study group or filling … Continue Reading

What is the Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons can help both students who are struggling and students who want to maintain their grades.

E-mail questions and comments to secctext@bgsu.edu.

What I wish I would’ve known: High school homework isn’t the same as college homework

href=”http://blogs.bgsu.edu/pieces/files/2012/09/klebe.jpg”>During high school I thought I knew all that I needed to know when it came to schoolwork.

I decided to take four AP classes my senior year of high school. I thought taking all these AP classes would help prepare me for the workload I was about to encounter at BGSU.

I was wrong.

I earned a low GPA my first semester of my freshman year at BGSU. I didn’t understand why my grades were suffering. One thing I never did in high school was read the textbooks. The teacher always taught us what … Continue Reading

If you don’t try your best in classes, it is a waste of time and money.

Now that you’ve had a week of classes, you may be feeling overwhelmed.  It is a lot to take in.  You are trying to adjust to living on your own and make a social life for yourself.

BUT now that classes have started, it is important to make classes a No.1 priority.  I’m not saying don’t have fun, BUT you are going to school for a reason, and if you don’t try your best in classes, it is frankly a waste of time and money.

While you are going to classes and professors are outlining the guidelines for the course, don’t just … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known … buy your books after the first day of class

As I wrap up my junior year here at BGSU, I feel as if moving in as a freshman was both yesterday and a lifetime ago.  It sounds weird, but I can remember everything about move-in day perfectly, but at the same time it feels as if so much has happened since then.

I cannot believe I am already going to be a senior and I still think freshman year was the best year yet.  Looking back there is a ton of things I wish I would have known that I know now and here they are:

What I wish I had known: Develop a mentoring relationship with a prof

When I was a freshman I wish I would have known that your college experience is what you make of it. Having a great attitude and looking for ways to be involved will make your college career worth so much more!

It can be a challenging time filled with lots of stress and struggles, but it is also a time to learn about yourself and to have tons of fun. Classes and grades are important and should be taken seriously, but there are also other important aspects like building relationships with friends … Continue Reading

‘I think my biggest challenge in college has been overcoming myself’

Go figure, my theory prevails again another year … science majors do not get to experience “dead week.”  This past week I had five, count them, five exams in one form or another. They weren’t finals.  Now I have finals. And needless to say, I have been a complete mess.

I had my semester mental breakdown on Friday.  I called my mom crying because I did not think I was going to meet the exceptionally high standards that I set for myself again.  After some tears, tension, anger and everything else that accompanies that much stress, I got … Continue Reading

Dig deep and find the motivation to study for finals

It’s that time of the year again: end of the semester.  We have one day left of classes, then one week of finals.  I’m super excited about the end of the school year, but have to remain focused and motivated.  This is the hardest part about the last two-three weeks of school.

The weather begins to change and the sun comes out.  Your motivation to stay inside and do homework becomes increasingly thin.  The sleep deprivation from the semester has finally caught up.  The amount of homework and last-minute projects begin to pile up.  This is when you know it is … Continue Reading

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