Spring Break by Rebecca

YAY! Spring break is almost here! I can’t wait to go home. I really love it here at BG, but I’m really excited to see my family, boyfriend, and friends from home again. I can’t believe March is already almost here! I’m super excited for March. First of all, it’ll start getting warmer, and I’m definitely ready for that! Also, it’s my birthday month! This year, I think that my birthday really will last all month. My birthday is on March 29, but that’s a Tuesday and I won’t be home. My mom said we are going to do my birthday dinner on Saturday when I’m home for spring break, so it will make it seem like my birthday lasts all month.

Once spring break is over, we have less than two months until finals week! I can’t believe my freshman year is already coming to a close.  I think the biggest piece of advice that I could give to any freshman is to stick it out. I was really homesick for most of the first semester, but I’m so glad I didn’t transfer. I love BG and the education that I’m getting here. It’s totally worth it. Before I started BG, I made myself a promise that I would not transfer without trying it for a year. I think that if I hadn’t made that promise, I might have transferred closer to home. Because I stuck it out, I’m getting more used to the distance. Not to say that I wouldn’t enjoy being home, but I think that making that promise helped tremendously. I challenge all of you incoming freshmen out there to do the same. You never know, you may grow to love BG more than you ever thought possible!

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