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Procrastination runs in our genes

It’s that time of the year….

            It’s the most, most stressful time…. of the year! (Must be sung to the tune of a Christmas carol.) Midterms are quickly approaching with lots of mini-assignment mixed in as well. What to do!? Seeing how this is my senior year you would think I’d have all the answers, but I don’t. I do have a few tips that help me get through this stressful time with only a few gray hairs.



  • Study in advance
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Find the best studying technique for YOU



I knew classes would be big, but not this big!

One of the big differences about starting college is the class size. It is strange walking into a class where there are already 100 other people waiting for the lecture to begin.

I knew to expect this when I came here, but I really had to see it to believe it. And I sure did believe it! I have five classes – three of them being on the bigger side. Out of all five of these classes, I look forward to going to my two smaller ones.

 My Performance Studies class and my General Studies Writing class have approximately 20 people in … Continue Reading

Outta here! Why one freshman regrets going home every weekend

I hated school last year. I hated it so much that I drove home almost every weekend. It wasn’t because my classes were too hard, because my roommate was crazy or because I missed home that much.

The truth is I wasn’t prepared to go from a high school with less than 500 students to a university with more than 4,000 students in the Class of 2014.

I was so excited to graduate and get away that I never took the time to say goodbye to anyone. I just packed up and left and then needed those goodbyes more than anything the … Continue Reading

Overscheduled and unprepared? Or partied and got nothing done?

Congratulations.  You’ve survived your first month of fall semester.  It’s been an awesome month, filled with events like Campus Fest and Family Weekend.  

As the semester progresses, you might find that you have a lot of homework: chapters to read, projects to complete and maybe even a few midterms looming.  It’s crunch time!  Your to-do list might seem a little overwhelming right now, but don’t freak out.  If you budget your time well, you can stay on task and still maintain your social life, too. 

 Time management is so important in college and staying on track in your classes now will really … Continue Reading

Blowing chunks meant blowing off class

I recently skipped my first class. Ever.

I was throwing up all over the place and I just felt like crap in the most literal sense.  Without my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup, I didn’t know what I was gonna do. 

When you live in close quarters with a lot of people who you don’t know much about, it’s good to be precautious.  So basically, here’s everything you need to know so you don’t get sick.

No. 1 ALWAYS wash your hands! Every time you use the bathroom, wash your hands with soap AND water. Don’t just hold your hands under the water … Continue Reading

Bowling Green is a beautiful city. Actually, look at it!

If somebody asked you what you admired most about BG, what would your answer be? The campus’ art? The collection of colored squirrels?

My answer is the university grounds. In the small amount of time that I’ve here, I’ve come across some pretty awesome things.  If you walk onto Wooster Street, and follow it toward downtown, many simple things will go unnoticed unless you’re truly observing.

The railroad tracks are absolutely beautiful at sunset. Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, there is a lot of light pollution from the city. The stars at night, the clouds and the sunsets here have given me an … Continue Reading

Freshman’s first thoughts: ‘No one knew my name’

So here I am. My first year at Bowling Green State University.

I can honestly say that I was so excited to finally become a part of something so grand, but at the same time, I was scared out of my mind. I wasn’t ready for such a drastic change.

Leaving everything behind at home made me sad. My family, my adorable schnauzer, my friends, my parish, everything everyone knew me for.


Left behind.

I was going somewhere where no one would know my name. But, as far as freshmen go, we were all in the same boat.

I left home with the thought that … Continue Reading

Quick lesson on your meal plan


Well, my meal plan has been pretty good so far. I have a retail one so that means I have all Falcon dollars. I’m pretty sure that’s the smartest one to get.

Seriously, how many people besides the guys on the football team go to Carillon or The Oaks and legitimately eat all the food? I’m almost positive I would get sick if I ate at one of those two places every day. And plus if you wanna eat the full value of what you paid, that’s a heck ton of food. 

Honestly, I don’t understand how people are getting confused with … Continue Reading

Save those absences for when you are truly puking

You’ve probably had a chance to look over your syllabi by now, and it has become painfully clear that most of your professors have attendance policies.  One or two might not, but don’t celebrate yet/

Even those rare, lenient professors who leave it up to students to choose whether to attend class will use class time to prepare for exams – and college is expensive.  Why pay to retake a class?  Most commonly, professors will allow two or three absences.  Here’s a piece of advice that I picked up as a freshman: don’t use them all up.  You’re going to want … Continue Reading

Ramen noodles, no time and ways to avoid homework at midnight

College can be time-consuming, and it certainly isn’t cheap!  These are two complaints I think most of us can agree on.  After all, consider the facts.  Third-thirds of students borrow loans to pay for college.  In 2010, the average graduating senior owed around $24,000.

If that doesn’t shock you, consider this common study hour formula. According to experts, you should be studying two hours per credit hour for every easy class, three hours per credit hour for every average class and four hours per credit for every difficult class.  Keep in mind that there are only 168 hours in a week … Continue Reading

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