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Don’t be afraid to talk to your RA if you have roommate issues

I didn’t really care about having a roommate one way or another when I came to college.

I had shared a bedroom with my little sister since before I could remember, and I figured that it couldn’t be much different than that!

I was so wrong.

During my freshmen year, I had two roommates.

My first roommate was OK, but I decided I wanted to be with somebody who I liked more!

I met a girl in my studio from the College of Musical Arts, and we got along pretty well in … Continue Reading

‘I have met some of the greatest people through honors classes’

I won’t lie, the Honors College at BG is pretty hard.

It will make you work harder than most other classes; it will take away precious hours of sleep.

But I truly love the Honors College.

The honors professors are an oddity; they truly care about whether or not you succeed in their class.

Not to say that the professors in non-honors classes don’t care, but the honors professors have always been the ones who I am closest with and the ones who help me with academic problems.

These professors want to challenge you in … Continue Reading

h20 Church unites many BGSU Christians

h2o is a student church group at BGSU. Learn more about h20 at h2ochurch.com.

Bad roommate creates opportunities for disappointed freshman

Coming from a small town in Michigan, I came into my roommate situation completely blind.

I filled out a five-question questionnaire and hoped for a good fit and my first BGSU friend.

Being a first-generation college student, I didn’t have anything to go on. I based my fears on horror stories I had heard in high school. All I could do was keep my fingers crossed and truly hope for the best!

After a few months of waiting, I finally received a notification with the name of my future roommate for Fall 2010.

For the next two-three hours, I was creeping on … Continue Reading

Going Greek at BGSU

There are nearly 40 Greek Life organizations at BGSU. For more about going Greek, check out, bgsu.edu/greek

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