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It is normal … to be overwhelmed the first week of college

When coming to college, it is normal that you will be incredibly excited and anxious to begin your new journey in life. It’s an opportunity to recreate yourself, meet new friends and establish a new way of life.

To be honest, when I first arrived on campus I was overwhelmed.  I was meeting tons of people, trying to get acquainted with my living arrangements and doing my best not to look like a typical “lost freshman” when navigating my way to classes.

No lie, college life is a huge adjustment. Don’t be afraid … Continue Reading

What I wish I had known my first year: Be open-minded about roommates

There are a number of things I wish I would have known before coming to BGSU as a sophomore transfer student.

Most simply, bring an umbrella. One of my earliest memories was showing up to my second day of classes drenched and sitting in a pool of rung-out rainwater. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience and I definitely wished someone would have reminded me to bring an umbrella!

On a serious note, I would encourage students to be open-minded and flexible with your new roommates. I came to BGSU without knowing anyone besides one of my good friends from high school. Although … Continue Reading

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