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Sporting Events at BGSU: What’s the big deal

Athletics-Doyt-Perry_62t1583The college experience is unlike any other in life. It’s the first (and more than likely last) time you’re on your own with a brand new, shiny and clean slate. Whether it’s the amount of lifelong relationships you’ll make or the memories that will be created doing various activities, these next few years are unlike any others to come.

Of course, a large amount of the memories for many are the sporting events your college participates in. Whether it’s football, basketball, gymnastics or swimming the environment is incredibly distinctive, differing … Continue Reading

Why Did You Come To BGSU?

Get involved in Dance Marathon

Interested in getting involved with Dance Marathon? The director of Dance Marathon is Megan Leiss. E-mail her at mleiss@falcon.bgsu.edu.

What To Bring To BGSU

Check out this guide for what students should bring when living on campus. Check out this link for more: http://www.bgsu.edu/residence-life/future-residents/packing-suggestions.html

Questions? text FALCON to 877877

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