What I Wish I Knew…

i wish i knewIf I could go back and tell myself anything on the first day of college it would be “be open”. It sounds like a simple phrase, but it is very important. It’s important right off the bat to be open in all senses. Be open with yourself, when finding friends, when choosing clubs to be in, etc. Don’t think just because you have never tried a certain hobby that it is too late to start. We are all thrown into college at the age of 18, made to feel like we should have our whole life planned out. It’s pretty terrifying. In all seriousness I had always wished I was the type of person who knew exactly what they wanted- the job I wanted, the friends I wanted, where I wanted to live. The truth of the matter is, that’s just not the kind of person I am…and I can wish all I want, but there is no point… it’s not who I am. Which brings me to my next point, be kind with yourself.

If I have one regret throughout my college experience it would be to not be so dang hard on myself. College is about balance. Balance in having fun, balance in school work, balance in any type of relationship, etc. It’s important to recognize when you’re giving one of these activities too much attention. You’re probably thinking- take school work too serious? Yes, it is possible. I’ve spent countless hours wracking my brain for the exact paper or answer I think a professor wants, and it rarely is exactly what they want. You have to recognize that you win some and you lose some. You can’t expect perfection from yourself, just like you don’t expect perfection from other people. We all make mistakes. Treat yourself with the same kindness and respect as you do others.

Another very important thing to remember…go to class. It sounds simple, you’re on a college campus, so you will naturally go to class…and you will, until you start getting tired, it starts getting cold, etc. When you don’t want to get out of bed just remember how much you are paying for each class! Also remember how lucky you are to be getting a college education. Now if you’re sick, take care of yourself…but if you’re not going to class just because you don’t want to, try to reevaluate that thought process.

Remember it’s not embarrassing to show some emotion. If you miss your mom, dad, friend, sister, brother, teacher…call them and tell them! Make time for the people you love and miss and take the time to talk to them! College can be uncomfortable because it is all a new experience, so if you need to talk to someone about how you feel- just do it. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about missing home or missing people that you are familiar with. It’s ok.

Above all have fun and don’t take yourself so seriously!

-Sierra, current BGSU student

(photo by Amanda Brown)

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