You can – and will – get through exams

It’s almost time for that dreaded “F” word – final exams. Gross. Unfortunately it’s something that we all have to go through in our college careers. Here are some basic tips for surviving and, dare I say it, passing your final exams:

1) Take advantage of any study groups and/or study guides your teacher provides. Those usually include specifics of what is going to be on the final. Ignoring them would be downright silly. Sure, you probably have things that you’d rather be doing than going to a study group or filling out a study guide, but you’d also rather pass college the first time around so I’d suggest just doing it.

2) Sleep. Sleep is an overrated aspect of college life. We tend to feel like four hours a night is sufficient to get through the day, especially if there are energy drinks and naps involved. Let me tell you- sleep is important. It gives your brain a chance to reboot and your body a chance to rest before going through the stress of an exam. It may be hard, but just try to get an adequate amount of sleep during exam week.

3) Study with a friend. A lot of times you may understand something that your friend doesn’t and vice-versa. Explaining concepts to your friend and having him or her explain concepts to you is actually a really efficient way to study. Plus, who wants to study alone anyway?

4) Breathe. It’ll all be OK in the end. It’s just an exam, not life or death (although sometimes it feels that way.) If you pass: great. If you fail: it’s OK, life is not over. I promise. Just pick yourself up and try again.

5) Just remember: do your best, try your hardest and take advantage of all of your resources. You can and will get through this.

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