Bad idea: Putting student organizations ahead of homework

Never have I felt so busy in my life.  I say that every single semester, but for some reason this semester is different.

I have 20 credits while balancing four jobs (if you include RA as a job), in addition to student organizations.  Currently, I am putting my homework on hold to work and do organization work.  This is a bad idea.  I am normally a dedicated student who procrastinates (who doesn’t?!?!), but I have been flat-out lazy this semester.  This weekend I did ZERO homework, not even on Sunday night like most people.

Now, I am forced to hurry up and cram it all into Monday night.  Again, bad idea. Make sure you balance out your life.  Don’t get over-involved in organizations and work.  I think two-three organizations is acceptable with no more than 15 hours a week of work; however, this depends on your work ethic.

I got back my MATH 3390 (Modern Algebra) exam.  It went bad.  I got a C-, which was not appealing.  I am disappointed in myself and my work ethic. I know if I would have done all the optional homework, I would have gotten at least a B.

My advice:  Do all the homework the professor assigns, even if it is not due.  It helps 100 percent in studying for the exam.  Second, balance your life and don’t get too involved.  I suggest getting involved but leave room for downtime and relaxation.  Most of all HAVE FUN with what you are doing.  Your classes, organizations, work, etc.  It’s important to be enjoying things you put a lot of time into.

Until Next Time BG,


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