Let the Countdown Begin by Carla

Since I have been back from break, I have been pretty lazy. I have summer on the brain. I’ve started a countdown with post-its. I started planning out my summer during my math class the other day: join the gym, make money babysitting, catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. There’s now a gap in my notes where information on regression should be. Summer’s close but it’s not that close, so I’m going to make a good effort to hang in there six more weeks. I was certainly grateful for a relaxing spring break.  My break took me to Chicago, then back to Bowling Green, then home and through it all, it rained and snowed and generally acted like winter.  All the same, though, it was awfully great.

Spring break started, for me, around 5:30 Saturday morning. I went with the Honors Learning Community on a weekend trip to Chicago. A friend of mine, Caitlyn, posted a blog on the trip for your enjoyment.  If you haven’t already, you should read it. We decided—during an interesting four-and-a-half-hour bus ride—that she’d cover “Day One” of our adventures and I’d hit the rest.  So that this makes sense, though, I’ll recap.  A group of maybe two hundred of us met in Harshman bright and early Saturday (“bright” is an exaggeration, but it sounds nice, right?) and boarded our charter busses in the rain. We got to Chicago a few hours later, toured Chicago’s famous Field Museum, and then headed to the hostel.  It snowed non-stop as we explored the city.  The next day, fortunately, would be a much smoother operation.


My roommates and I caught up on lost sleep when we finally got back to the hostel, and we woke up Sunday to the blessing of clear weather. Energized and excited, I treated myself to the free continental breakfast and got ready to venture back out into Chicago.  If not for Caitlyn and my roommate, Melanie, my group would have gotten very lost.  Here and there, we did get a little lost, but it all made for an interesting adventure. In a few, short hours, we explored the Navy Pier, saw a children’s orchestra perform, watched a show at the Broadway Playhouse, took pictures in front of “The Bean,” rode a series of busses around the city and tried to track down the Chicago Zoo. We never found the zoo. We did, however, find a perfectly square patch of grass that we’d seen on the map and mistaken for the zoo. I guess you had to be there to appreciate that one.

Overall, Chicago was an interesting experience. It was nice to get to travel with the friends and classmates that I normally only see at school. I got back to my dorm late Sunday night, scraped the snow off my windshields and drove straight home to enjoy a great week with family. My spring break was awesomely relaxing, as spring breaks should be. Wherever you spent your Spring Break, I hope you got to enjoy nice weather—and sleep. By the way, as for that countdown?  Just 33 more school days.


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