Greek life brought out best in student once suspicious about fraternities

Out of 325 organizations, one changed my life …

As I sit back and reflect on my past three years as a BGSU Falcon, one memory sure sticks out that has changed my life forever.

Being that over involved individual in high school, as many of you are coming into BG this year, I entered BG eager to do just that; to make my mark and get involved.

Now as a senior, I have a list of different organizations that have impacted my life in some way, but one tops my list, one that I put the most effort into and will be with me forever. That was joining a fraternity.

Being a first-generation college student, I had no clue that fraternities even existed. My first semester I can remember walking through campus and thinking, “What is Alpha Beta something?”

Little did I know it was much more than letters on a hoodie. I started hearing from others that it was something that was “life-changing.” I thought to myself, “I’m sure,” in a sarcastic way and thought about that familiar line of, “I don’t need to pay for my friends.”

But I decided to do some research anyway and before I knew it I was holding a bid card (invitation to join a brotherhood, or sisterhood).

As I began the pledge process (a six-eight week learning process before becoming an official member), I realized Greek Life is so much more. Hearing about the involvement of alumni members who are still connected, being able to call on a group of brothers at any given time and having a helping hand, or sharing the same values as men from 165 years ago is something that I cherish so much.

The oath you take of joining a fraternity or sorority opens up countless opportunities from leadership positions, giving back to the community, academic success and networking with alumni for future jobs.

I am not going to preach and tell you what fraternity is the best because that would be biased. I joined the one I am in because I believed it was the best fit for me.

No matter what fraternity or sorority you join, commit and leave your legacy.

Join something that has the power to bring out the best in you. Phi Gamma Delta has done just that for me. This organization changed my life. What fraternity or sorority will change yours?

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