Sophomore explains how she landed a Disney internship

My name is Mandy and I am completing my second year at BGSU.

I am involved in the University Activities Organization, Delta Gamma women’s Fraternity, the Outdoor Program and I am a Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning major with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Currently, I am in Orlando, Fla., on the Disney College Program having the time of my life and hope that this blog inspires you to do the same.

How I got the internship:

I first heard about the Disney College Program from seeing fliers on my campus and going to some of the informational meetings hosted by Bowling Green’s Disney College Program representatives (these are students who previously completed the program and now help to recruit students from BGSU.)

After attending the college program meetings, I did a lot of online research to see if it was something I was truly interested in pursuing. At the time, I was also very into the idea of studying abroad and figured I would need to choose between the two in order to graduate according to my plan.

While researching the program, I learned that all majors are considered, I could take online classes while at Disney, I could receive credit for a practicum or co-op and I learned I would be paid for my work!

Soon after learning all of these details, I figured that the college program would be the best option for me and decided to apply during the fall of my sophomore year to go for the spring semester.

I started the application process the day that the application opened for the spring semester.

It begins with an online application that asks you basic questions and about your previous work experience.

Once you turn in the online application, you wait for an email that will tell you the next step: the web-based interview.

This step is very important because you need to pass this questionnaire type of interview to be considered for the final step of the application process.

When filling out this section, you need to be honest because it asks questions that will determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the Disney College Program.

Toward the end of the web-based interview, you will be asked to rate your interest in the different roles.

This is the chance you have to research each role and decide which ones you would like to do if selected for the program.

Finally, after the web-based interview, you will yet again be notified via email of whether or not you are able to move onto the next step in the process: the phone interview.

Once you receive the email that lets you know you are moving on, you follow the instructions to set up a time for Disney to call you for your phone interview.

Prior to your phone interview, I highly recommend looking up some of the commonly asked phone interview questions online. However, keep in mind that the questions you will be asked are tailored to what you job you preferenced.

The phone interview is what most applicants, including myself, are most nervous for, but honestly it is very relaxed and as long as you are a happy version of yourself and can use examples from your prior experiences in your answers, all will go well.

Upon your completion of the phone interview begins the average waiting period of about two weeks before you are notified with yet another email of Disney’s final decision.

If you do not hear back from Disney within two weeks, don’t freak out, sometimes Disney takes a little longer to place applicants in different roles.

Keep in mind that you can always try for the next program if you do not get selected the first time (unless you are a graduating senior).

Upon receiving my congratulatory acceptance email after about two weeks, I set up an appointment with my advisor to figure out exactly what I needed to do so that I was all set to leave in January.

I chose to maintain full-time status through taking three online classes, getting five credit hours for my first practicum and three for an independent study where I keep a journal of my experiences within the company.

Although, I warn you to do this option only if you are an extremely disciplined student. It’s definitely been a challenge.

The other option that many students have is to do a co-op, which you work with your advisor and the career center to figure out.

This is the first of many blogs. Stay-tuned for the job I got at Disney.

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