Learning community helps with making friends

The Educators in Context and Community (ECCO) learning community has allowed me to grow socially, emotionally and mentally.

What is a learning community? A learning community is a group of students who have a common interest and live together.

Learning communities are a great way to get involved on campus.

There are a lot of different learning communities to choose from: the Arts Village, Natural and Health Sciences, Army ROTC, Construction Management, among others.

With a little research, combined with your interests, you will find one that fits you perfectly.

Being a part of a learning community with education majors has allowed me to build my resume.

The learning community itself is not what looks good on my resume, but it is all of the things I do through my community.

ECCO puts on social, service,and professional development events for its members. These events help me grow and keep me busy, which makes being away from home a lot easier.

Being in a learning community, I have the option to live with other members in the community. This has allowed me to easily build lasting friendships.

ECCO also allowed me to meet friends right off the bat because we already had something in common, as well as we were going to be living in the same place.

Another reason I really like being a part of the learning community is that I have similar classes as my friends in the community. This part is beneficial for many different reasons.

Living so close to other members allows me to easily get questions answered, as well as help others at the same time.

When I get confused about an assignment instead of emailing my professor and waiting for a response, I can just walk across the hall and ask someone who is in my class.

Having similar classes as other members in the community also allows me to save money on textbooks. If I have similar classes as my neighbors then we can all chip in on the books and share to save ourselves some money.

What are you waiting for? Join a learning community!  To learn more, go to: learning-communities.html

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