So you want to room with a high school friend?

mandySince the beginning of high school my best friend and I had dreamed about going off to college and being roommates.

Once we both decided BGSU was the best choice for each of us we knew that it could become our reality.

When we first heard that Centennial was being built we were so excited that we planned the entire room out and who would bring what. (Keep in mind, we had not even been accepted yet.)

It was near the end of our junior year when we were accepted and began to tell all of our friends we were hoping to room with each other.

Others thought that this was a horrible idea and that we would never be friends again after living together, but we did not let this change our minds.

After the housing assignments were announced in the spring of our senior year, we were ecstatic to discover we were roommates and in Centennial.

Fall rolled around after what seemed like forever and we finally moved in.

The two of us would sometimes spat about little things, such as cleaning our bathroom and watching a certain television show, but besides that we respected one another’s space and always seemed to work things out.

Also, each time that our relationship became a little tense there seemed to be a break not far off where one of us would go home. This helped a lot!

Right before winter break was the only “real” argument we got in to and was mostly due to the stress of exams and cleaning our room before break.

The argument was due to me rearranging the contents that were under our lofted beds.

This included moving the futon from under my roommate’s bed to under my bed and then I placed her bookshelf beneath her bed because I was cleaning,

My roommate came back around 1 a.m. from the library while I was sleeping, took one look at the room and started screaming at me.

She began to throw everything that I had cleaned up around the room and I had no idea why until she said something about a small piece of wood that had broken off of her $20 bookshelf from Wal-Mart.

My roommate did not believe me when I said that I had not seen this piece of wood, and she continued to tear through the room while we spent an hour or so yelling at each other.

We did not speak the next day and both returned home for winter break. Despite living less than half a mile from each other, we did not see each other over break, which turned out to be the best thing.

When we returned to campus, both of us talked it out and we agreed that our friendship meant more to us than this meaningless piece of wood and all was well the rest of the year.

AND we are still best friends today.


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