My advice: ‘Get involved’ and ‘give back’

One of the organizations I am in is a co-ed service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega.  Basically, we meet once a week to discuss what volunteer opportunities are coming up for the next week.  Our three main principles are leadership, friendship, and service.  I got involved my sophomore year to boost my resume and meet new people.  I quickly fell in love with Alpha Phi Omega and took it to another level.

This past weekend, I went to Miami University for the Section 56/59 Conference.  All the chapters from across Ohio were at this event.  I attended a few workshops and seminars to build my leadership skills and met with numerous brothers across the state to build friendship.  And I participated in a service event.

The entire weekend was jam-packed full of events with little sleep, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  My brothers mean a lot to me, and without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. They have been there through the bad times, and we enjoy several good times together.  Sectionals were the “cherry on top” for me. It was my Alpha Phi Omega “spark,” and I finally discovered why I am in this organization.  Next week is elections, which I am running for, so wish me luck!

My advice to incoming students is to get involved.  I have mentioned this before but there are so many students who don’t, and I think they suffer because of it.  Additionally, make sure you are giving back to someone by volunteering. Being in something where I can give back to others makes me feel good.  I do it for others not just myself.  Alpha Phi Omega is not a social fraternity like most you think of.  So, find that niche whether it be social Greek life or service Greek life.

Until next time BG,


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