Car accident puts life into perspective for BGSU student

Spring Break 2012!

It started off badly here at BGSU.  If you didn’t hear, three sorority sisters were killed in a car accident early Friday morning, and two more are still in critical condition from the accident.  They were all heading to the airport to go on spring break.

That Friday before break was emotional for the entire campus.  Even though I did not personally know the women, I felt connected and sad about the situation.  No one could focus and everyone was keeping the Alpha Xi Delta sorority in their thoughts and prayers.

Having that accident occur made me realize that I am not thankful enough for my life and the people in it.  It’s sad that it takes a tragedy for me to realize this, and I think people need to appreciate their life more.

I have started making changes including sending texts to friends/families, saying “Have a great day!”  A little message can go a long way. Therefore, I encourage all of you to say thank you to the people in your life sometime soon.

In other news,

You may be friends with college people on Facebook or I am sure you watched TV about spring break!  RAVE! That is what it’s all about.  Spending the entire week drunk out of your mind where you don’t even remember your trip.

To me, it’s not worth it.  I have better things to do during my break.  For example, I just finished Season 3 of “Nip/Tuck,” slept 12 hours last night, managed to finish my bulletin boards and door decorations for my residents and I have started on scholarships due at the end of the month.

Spring break for me is a time of productivity.  Yes, I do sit back and watch movies/TV more, but I have managed to get a lot done.  Don’t feel obligated to leave and party all break.  You can enjoy a spring break by just relaxing at home on your couch, not showering and watching the entire series of a TV show.

When my friends come back at the end of the week from Florida, I am going to ask them how their trip was, and most of them will respond with “I don’t remember much.”  If I am spending that much money on a trip, I for sure want to remember it.  I am not a huge party person, but more of a relaxer.  My advice to all of you:

  • Enjoy your spring break, whether it is drinking on the beach in Florida or not leaving the couch
  • Say thanks for things in your life

Until next time BG,


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